Three snakes killed in Liberty Professionals-Hearts clash

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Three snakes were killed at Carl Reindorf park on Sunday during a league match between Liberty Professionals and Hearts of Oak.

The three were killed during the match that ended in a three-goal thriller, raising questions over the safety situations at the venue.

Fans reportedly killed the three reptiles on 3 separate occasions, creating fear and panic during an ecstatic football duel.

The game that ended in dramatic fashion had its scary moments as fans got distracted over whether there were more snakes to deal with.

It is not known where the dangerous reptiles emerged from but it is believed they came from the nearby bushes.

The presence of such reptiles means the pitch is not suitable and a major health risk.

Liberty have been using the stadium for some years now, and according to ghahaguardian source, it was not the first time fans have been put in scary moment by snakes during a league match.

Before the start of the season, the CLB inspected all venues for approval, but it looks like they got it wrong with the Liberty’s home ground.

The park is partly surrounded by some bushes, which make it obvious that more dangerous reptiles are housed in.

The Carl Reindorf Park had a huge crowd on Sunday, dominated by Hearts of Oak fans.

The Phobians came from an early goal down to secure a 2-1 win.

It is not yet known.which action will the taken next by the football authority.

Source: 3news

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