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Ibrahim Isifu, the alleged homosexual

One, Ibrahim Isifu, a businessman was in the late hours of Saturday attacked and beaten up by the Accra Newtown Youth Group.

The violent attack occurred when Ibrahim, who is alleged  to be a secret LGBTQ+ practitioner was in a meeting with his two colleagues who were also believed to be gay persons at his office.

According to an eye witness, the trio were attacked and forced out of the office and made to kneel and crawl in the scotch sun and mercilessly beaten by the youth .

The attack was very violent and inhumane due to how the three guys were dragged from the office and  publicly  disgraced by the youth who had sworn to punish anyone found to be a gay or supports gay practice.

The source further explained that the youth numbering about fifteen used sticks and other weapons to punish the offenders who were said to be under surveillance for sometime now.

“We all heard the youth calling Ibrahim and his two colleagues names like traitors ‘and disgraced human beings  who deserve not to be spared. We shall used you people to set examples to all your colleague gays and supporters”. 

We were all surprised at the incidence because we never suspected Ibrahim to be a homosexual because of his simple and respectful lifestyle in the community. 

Our source revealed that Ibrahim Isifu is a well respected and influential person in the Accra Newtown  area who is married and blessed with a daughter. As to how long he had been engaged into the practice is not known to anyone.

On whether the source was aware of Ibrahim’s homosexual practice, he responded that he never suspected him to be engaged into that practice and that he was very much surprised. 
Ibrahim however managed to escape and left behind his two alleged accomplices who were whisked away by the watchdog group. The source who pleaded for anonymity also told us that the group later followed up to Ibrahim’s house but he was no where to be found.

All attempts made by this reporter to to speak to  a member of the youth group or Ibrahim’s household proved futile because everybody was tight lipped on the matter.

LGBTQ+  practice is becoming common amongst the youth of Ghana which is seriously being fought against by community leaders and youth groups across the country.

There is currently an anti gay Bill which is before parliament and awaiting debate by members of the house. The Bill has received a lot of support from the Ghanaian populace led by religious bodies , traditional authorities and civil society organisations. 

Many churches and the Muslim organisations  in Ghana  have come out  publicly to made their positions clear in support of the Bill and their strong opposition against homosexual practice in the country. 

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