The National Book of Condolence, The Honor of Our Founder And Our Hero

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By : Godwin Ako Gunn

We are all living the pain of having lost our founder and the one on whose lap the fourth republic was birthed, many have been surprised with the denial of his Excellency John Mahama the opportunity to sign the ‘ STATES’ ‘ book of condolence, with the excuse that the office was closed.

Let me first thank the NDC for a successful vigil in honor of his Excellency Jerry John Rawlings. A symbol of a man well appreciated and a life well lived.

I have read and also received a lot of calls calling for his Excellency John Mahama not to go and sign the book of condolence opened by the state. Some were for spiritual reasons, COVID etc. These genuine calls from well wishers and sympathizers can not just be ignored or wished away.

I, however, share a different opinion and I beg to share it.

Comrades, we should not throw our hands in the air, turn our backs because someone wants to deny us our rights to our founder and the father of the fourth republic. His Excellency Jerry John Rawlings will not be happy with us.

History will not forgive us when it is mentioned that our founder, the one who signed our constitution with his blood died, and the book of condolence opened in his honor by the state was not signed by it’s party’s leadership. It will not be about our emotions today, but how our children’s children will see us.

Many members of the diplomatic corps will be arriving at the state house from today to sign the book of condolence and I want my party’s leadership to be counted.

I will encourage JM and the executives to find time this week if not today to honor our founder.

The Lord that made the heavens and Earth is with you. He will not allow thy foot to be moved, the Lord that keepeth thee will not slumber not sleep. The Lord is our keeper.
The Lord is our shade upon thy right hand.
The sun shall not smite thee by day nor the moon by night. Our help and strength comes from the Lord.

Let us not glorify their small gods above the almighty God we serve. For the COVID protocols, let’s trust his Excellency and the leadership of the party.

Sadly this is how low we have sunk as a nation just because of a mistake we made in the 2016 elections. A mistake of voting for pettiness!!!

May I use this opportunity to wish the Rawlings family God’s strength in this difficult and trying times.

Why should a book of condolence even be an issue to be worried about? To sign it or not to sign!!

I am happy we have less than a month to correct this 2016 mistake. Birnam woods is moving to Dunsinane (Macbeth). Let’s prepare for the better days ahead

Kun Fa Yakun

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