Stop Running the EC Like a Village Nursery School – Jean Mensah told

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Incensed by Electoral Commission’s announcement to go ahead with its plans to compile new voters’ register despite the President’s ban on public gathering, deputy Greater Accra Regional Youth Organizer, Amos Blessing Amorse has lashed out at the head of the Commission, Mrs Jean Mensah.

According to him, Mrs Mensah is running the Commission like a village nursery School where whatever she decides to do must be implemented without anybody making inputs.

“The Commission is not a village nursery school for Jean Mensah to think she can walk over everybody and do whatever she likes. Normally when you go to the villages, the headmistress of the the only nursery school is revered by the village folks and seen as the only educated person so she runs the school in a way that suits her. When she sleeps and dreams that the next day there will be no school, no amount of persuasion will let her change her mind,” Mr Amorse stated in a telephone conversation with this portal.

He said the decision by the EC to go ahead with the compilation of a new register the the midst of a world catastrophe defies logic, wondering “if the EC has any special interest in encouraging the spread of coronavirus?”

The EC has announced that despite the spread of the coronavirus which has resulted in the closure of schools, churches, mosques etc, it will go ahead to register people ahead of the December 7 election.

A release signed by the Commission’s Public Relations Officer, Sylvia Anor indicated that though the election management body will adhere to the four weeks ban imposed by the President, it’ll still roll out its exercise at a different date.

The statement added that hand sanitizers and other preventive kits will be provided at registration centres to avert a possible spread of the virus.

In a response to the EC’s statement however, Mr Amorse said the head of the Commission’s posturing does not reflect someone interested in delivering a free, fair and transparent election.


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