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The number one fast food giant in Ghana, “Papaye Fast Food” has opened its 9th ultra modern branch to serve the people of Frafraha and its environs all within the Greater Accra Region.

The Papaye food which open its first branch over 30 years ago in Osu with less than 10 workers from a table top, has now opened the 9 branche with a staff strength of 600.

There was an increased concern among the people of Adenta, Frafraha, Amranhia, Oyibi, Dodowa and its environs, calling for the opening of Papaye Fast Food branch within their jurisdiction s hence, the opening of the new branch at Frafraha.

In a statement, the Executive Chairman for Papaye Fast Food, Dr. Samir Kalmoni stated, “with the cooperation of governments, the media, our august consumers and customers and my hardworking staff, we are here today to witness the 9th branch of Papaye with our total staff strength of over 600”.

Dr. Kalmoni indicated that, Papaye have opened the restaurant to its patrons everyday from Sunday to Saturday throughout the 30 years of its operation.

“Papaye has operated as a good corporate citizen over the years and adhered to all regulatory requirements on Health and Safety, been environmentally responsible, been Corporate Socially Responsible and been the touch bearer in the fast food sector in the tourism industry in Ghana”.

He mentioned that, one of the major goal of Papaye is to ensure the satisfaction of present customers and future generations and therefore, would not compromise with quality.

The Executive Chairman said, in the short history of existence, Papaye has been recognized and awarded as best restaurant by the Ghana Tourism Authority severally, adjudged the best organization for implementing the 1% tourism tax, been a member of the prestigious Ghana Club 100 since its inception.

He however, entreated the Ghanaian workforce to see organizational success as a team effort. “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime. Our love for football as a country and the lesson we will all lean the upcoming World Cup will prove that a team can only be victorious when the players are well-coordinated and are filled with a true team spirit”.

The Frafraha branch have sophisticated technology to enable the staff serve customers efficiently and effectively whilst about 60% of the workforce were recruited from the community.

Papaye has branches in areas such as, Osu, Tesano/Apenkwa, Spintex, Tema, Lapaz, Awudome, Haatso, and Kasoa.

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