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Okada riders association have expressed shock and described as disappointing Dr Bawumia’s announcement of govt’s disinclination towards the legalization of Okada.

They’ve, as a result of their disappointment threatened to vote massively against the insensitive and out of touch NPP govt.

Speaking to Starr FM this morning, the spokesperson for the association, Solomon Akpanaba said govt’s lack of understanding of their operations is not only problematic but difficult to fathom.

“Now you are coming out to say that Okada is risky. We are asking that is it today that you know Okada is risky? If yes, the motorbikes that are in town for sale, are they going to deport them? Because you allow the equipment to be brought into the country then you declare them as risky after taking your tax.”

“We are also saying that yesterday and today alone in Ghana, we know how many lives are lost through vehicular accidents. Those vehicles are not risky per the analysis of Dr Bawumia. We are disappointed in them and we will speak louder on 7th December.”

“You are saying that you are going to buy cars for us in place of motorbikes, just look at that joke. Motorbike is an alternative means of transport where there are traffic jams. How can you solve vehicular traffic problem by providing more cars? just look at this,” he pointed out.

Clearly, my brothers and sisters, Dr Dawumia and his boss have lost touch with reality. They want to create a bigger problem in their attempt to solve a smaller one, such clueless and obsolete characters cannot be making decision for Ghana.

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