Ohuen Wem Ada Out-Doored A Maiden Queen Mother

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Ohuen Wem Ada in the Greater Accra Region has for the first time installed a Queen Mother, Naana Asigbe Ogbo Adusu I, after a consensus.

Ohuen Wem Asafo-Atse Ngua, Nene Saki Keteni IV, in his welcome address indicated that their quarters, Ohuen Wem has no queen mother and the need arise for them to get one.

Esther Adusu, as she is known in her private life, caught the family’s attention and their Council accepted her for the position as the Queen Mother for the Ohuen Wem quarter.

After the necessary rites she was quickly installed with the stool name, Naana Asigbe Ogbo Adusu I, as maiden Queen Mother for the Ohuen Wem people.

Nene Asafo-Atse Nguaa Saki Keteni IV posited that without any contestation it was important to out-door her before the whole Ada as she remains Queen Mother from now onwards. This was done amidst drumming and dancing to melodious music and cultural display.

Naana Asigbe Ogbo Adusu I, a business mugu is with the Ada Youth Organisation, Kasoa branch. In an interview with National Tymes, she assured the gathering of her time and commitment to serve in all humility.

She hinted the Ohuen Wem family needed unity and oneness for the family house to be constructed to a befitting status.

Naana Asigbe Ogbo Adusu I, was particular about the unity amongst the family members that could lead to the needed human and materials transformation of the Ohuen quarter.

Naana Asigbe Ogbo Adusu I, is married to Nene Tetteh Waka III, Prampram Paramount Chief who graced the event with his Queen Mother and his elders with other sub-chiefs.

The scintillating event drew other various chiefs, like the Dodowa Mantse, Nene Okukubor Teye Kwesi IV, Kudjragbe Manye (queen mother) Big Ada, Naana Ohui Osamahe Ametor and other queen mothers from far and near who throng the Ada Community Centre to for the occasion.

Nene Waka III, of Prampram after explaining the little difference between Mantse and Manye, he counselled Naana Asigbe Ogbo Adusu I, to listen to elders who would give her good advice, so she could perform creditably well.

On their parts, the Kudjragbe Manye, Naana Ohui Osamahe Ametor and the Prampram Manye shared their experiences and admonished her to get extra strength to stand and overcome lots of nasty talks and unwarranted statements from the public and her own family Members but respect as well for all must be her hallmark.

Naana Ogbo Adusu I, was made to understand she must not discriminate in attending funerals in Ada.

She was informed her position as manye (Queen Mother), is time consuming but with commitment she could help develop Ohuen quarter enviably.

She reiterated the family needed to put the differences behind for the sake of reunion and oneness for enviable family peace and development.

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