Nitiwul becoming more arrogant and increasingly reckless – Minority

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Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul

The Minority in Parliament has stated that the Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul is becoming more arrogant and increasingly reckless by the day.

The Minority said the Minister doesn’t deserve to be in charge of the Ministry.

The Minority’s comment follows a justification by the Defence Minister on the burning of dozens of heavy sand winning machines by soldiers of the sixth battalion in the Northern region.

The Minister during his parliamentary address said, ‘This is not the first time that the Ghana Armed Forces or through the government has a decision to stop people through the use of force and burning’.

He added that the perpetrators have the right to seek redress for the burning of the equipment.

But the Minority Spokesperson on Communication Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini wondered why the Mr Nitiwul has refused to apologise for his conduct.

‘…You have done a reckless act which is causing government millions of cedis in judgement debt and then you come on the floor of Parliament and say you are doing more of the reckless act. Is this a Minister who should be in charge of the Defence Ministry? The Minister by his own statements is indicting himself about his competence in handling matters of this nature.

‘You have engaged in crass illegality and instead…[of] showing remorse and apologizing to the victims who are bearing the pain of having their machines illegally burnt, you don’t show remorse, you are exhibiting more arrogance. That is why I am saying that the Defence Minister is becoming more arrogant and increasingly reckless by the day,’ he fumed.


Source: ultimatefmonline

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