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There is a strange cash flight at the National Investment Bank (NIB) where GBP2million which was transferred to an account there from Kenya has supposedly vanished.

Details are still emerging and the dirty files are coagulating into a pointer that a cabal within the banking sector has stolen the money and is now using every dirty trick in the book, including a deliberate blame of President Akufo-Addo, to cover up the loot.
Thealhajj.com investigation is still throwing up documents and so far the revelations are explosive.

The story entails a Ghanaian man winning a case in the UK which opened the door for the Kenyan Government to also receive restitution of GBP20million from the UK government in 2016.

Then when the Kenyan government duly transferred the GBP2million to the NIB bank account of the Ghanaian man involved, a volt of vulturing bankers and their powerful collaborators, apparently connived and decided to sit on the money.

The trail, as traced so far, also snakes around the Bank of Ghana, the BNI and National Security.
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