New Face To Break The ‘Drought’ In The Ahafo Ano South East NDC

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The Ahafo Ano South East District was carved out of Ahafo Ano South prior to the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

From 1992 to 2000, where the Parliamentary Candidate for National Democratic Congress (NDC) won on two consecutive elections, the NDC’s fortunes to this date have nosedived.

In the last two decades ( and after the creation of the Ahafo Ano South East), the tides have been against the NDC, none of the Party’s candidates have come close to winning the seat.

As 2024 approaches, a new face and force may end the political drought for the NDC. A candidate who appeal to both sides of the political divide.

If he sails through in the party’s primaries, he may be the NDC’s best card to win the Parliamentary elections in the Ahafo Ano South East Constituency.

In up-close interaction with the man Kofi Nti Boateng, he speaks succinctly but passionately about his people; the people he seeks to lead.

He speaks for the women, like a wave of fire in his eyes, he outlines the vision, an empowerment initiatives which will empower the women economically.

The youth is his prime focus; he seeks to introduce a new synergy of hope, tackling the youth unemployment crisis.

He says: “If anyone decides to stay and make a living, there should be an equal opportunity for them in the district to enable them to make an honest living. We cannot afford to watch our youth move en masse when they have no idea the dangers awaiting them. Efie ne Efie.”

He lays out a spectacular plan for Agriculture in the District. In a district where the majority are peasant farmers, he sees the need to revamp the agricultural activities to help the people cash out reasonably.

He did not leave out Education and the health needs of his people out of our discussions. In his time in politics, he aspires to raise professionals with strategic skill sets right from the Constituency. As I pushed him further, he confessed: “we need to raise Agriculturalists, Medical Officers, Techies, business persons and most importantly future leaders. We must strive to make the lives of our people much better.”

Kofi Nti Boateng comes with a new breath of leadership, what he calls leadership which empathizes with the plight of the grassroots. As an indigene of the land, he feels this is not the time to sit on the fence. Like he puts it, nkɔsoɔ mmerɛ no nie. This is the season for true progress.

Walking through the political history of the NDC with him in the Constituency, I can sure tell he knows his onions around the dynamics, coupled with the strategies his team will employ in collation of results on the election day, I am confident that should he win the primaries, he will definitely end the drought for the NDC in the Ahafo Ano South East Constituency.

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