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Greater Accra Regional National Democratic Congress, NDC has inaugurated a branch dubbed Mokola Special Branch, MSB located between Odododiodio and Klottey Korle Constituencies at Tudu.

The Mokola Special Branch, MSB is made up of market women and men who mostly do not vote, but they have decided to vote this time around to help the opposition NDC to come for their rescue, following the disappointment in Nana Akufo-Addo and the excruciating hardship in the country for the past 3 years and counting.

Swearing in the Mokola Special Branch into office, the Greater Accra Regional NDC Women’s Organiser, Felicia Mekpoi-Bortey charged them to work hard to return the NDC and John Dramani Mahama (JM) into power to put Ghana back on track.

She noted the Mokola Special Branch is located in a strategic place, Mokola/Tudu and it behoove on them to contribute to the NDC “Rescue Mission” JM is leading.

The Greater Accra Regional NDC Women’s Organiser urged the MSB members to work hand in hand with the executive of both Klottey Korle and Odododiodio Constituencies.

She further charges them to make hard work their hall mark to woo new members to help increase the voting pattern of the NDC and John Mahama, JM in their catchment areas.

Madam Mekpoi-Bortey also advised they eschew disrespect for each other, and help recommend JM and his works across the country to the new members during their shop to shop campaign.

She added the next NDC government under John Mahama would ensure the MASLOC would not discriminate but covers a huge number of market women who needed it most irrespective of their political affiliation so they could restore their businesses Nana Addo government collapses.

In an interview with the chairperson of the Mokola Special branch, Salomey Martei Shasha hinted the market women and others who come to do business today are expressing regret to have Nana Addo as President following the kind of difficulties they are going through in the country.

Mrs Martei Shasha further indicated that the market women/men are seriously going through excruciating hardship because sales have gone down drastically because there is no money in the country for people to patronize their goods.

She also disclosed that even petty traders/table top traders find it difficult to make any sales to help provide food for their families.

“We leave our various homes for market to sell but a number of us end up borrowing money to go back home to even enable us to cook for our families due to inhumane governance from the 75 year old President”, Mrs. Martei Shasha lamented.

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