Minister Cries Over Snub By NPP Party Executives

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Hon. Tina Mensah – Dep. Minister for Health (MP)

The effect of throwing Democracy to the doggs have caught up with the NPP in Weija Gbawe. The NPP protected the nonperforming Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister of Health during their Parliamentary primaries disqualifying all available contenders on grounds of mental illness and the phrase ‘order from above’.

She has since been abandoned by Executives at the Constituency level or polling stations with little or no support for her.

Hon Tina Mensah dragged the First Lady Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo into the Constituency to help solve her problems but to no avail. She used the opportunity of being in the Constituency to call on some chiefs and ignored many others also.

Tina Mensah then pulls Nana B, Sammy Awuku – National Youth Organiser and Organiser respectively of her party to organise a walk from New Weija to Mallam which was also a flop as we could count up to about a hundred and twenty people in attendance.

It is no doubt the people of Weija Gbawe are calling for change. The promises made by the MP have not been fulfilled just as the apple doesn’t fall far from its tree.

The NDC is poised to provide Weija Gbawe a better representation in the August House of Parliament while seeing to the Developmental needs of the fourteen electoral areas here and restoring Hope in Political leadership.

The National Democratic Congress in its People’s Manifesto have outlined many solutions and policy proposals to tackle the many challenges that confronts the constituents. Many have seen the light the NDC has lit in the Constituency and are willing to give the NDC a chance including the Executives of the NPP who bemourn the nonperformance of their candidate.

Weija Gbawe is awake and NDC is up to the rescue.

Written By:
Lawrence R. Arthur
Communication Officer
Weija Gbawe Constituency
+233543704066 | Your Branch must Know

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