Massive Mess – Up in Voters Register Incompetence Or A Rigging Strategy

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The Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-GH), is worried about the never ending massive mess-up in the provisional voters register. To sustain our young democracy , transparency, fairness, credibility and honesty on the part of the EC, should be the norm. Unfortunately, what we see is different. The use of brut force to disenfranchise Ghanaians during the registration; principal errors in the register and the arrogant posture of the EC, point to a systematic plan to compromise free, fair and transparent election.

One Billion ghc for Register
It is important to note, that the new register cost the taxpayer one billion ghc. It is therefore chocking to see a chain of basic mistakes coming from paid professionals who either could not process the data correctly or who willfully decided to process it wrongly in the interest of Clan leaders. This reckless abundance of mischief by Clan members against the State is horrifying. I guess we are even better off with the old register.
Registration Amid Police and Army Forces

Registration Amid Police and Army Control
The registration started early June. A week before the registration, Army and Police were deployed at the boarders , mostly Aflao-Togo boarder and other districts in the Volta Region. Instead of concentrating on the boarders, these forces descended heavily on the polling stations to determine who is a Ghanaian and who should or should not register. They extended their territorial mandate to the houses and rooms of citizens to collect with force, cards issued to those they suspected to be foreigners. Some who resisted were beaten up or mishandled. The question is ; since when did this become necessary in a normal registration of voters?

Lack of Proficiency
At the end of registration in August, copies of the provisional register were not given to political parties as was the norm. Instead they started with the verification. After two days of verification, the true quantum of mess and mismanagement, never witnessed in the 4th Republic became evident .

Missing Names in all Regions
There are reports of missing names from the register, across the length and breath of the country. In Ashaiman, the MP, Ernest Henry Norgbey and the names of some 21,000 voters in his constituency could not be found in the provisional register. After the official period for registration, the EC was found printing voters cards secretly in the night without the knowledge of IPAC. Besides the EC`s rules require printing of cards only in the presence of the card bearer and agents of political parties. In over 100 Districts, were found massive errors in the register : example duplication of ID cards, registers with no names or no pictures, or different finger prints associated with different registration numbers were found. In Asawase constituency in Kumasi, 1,240 names were not in the register; besides, 905 foreign names have been added. Is this incompetence or a premeditated rigging strategy?

This mess coming from a professional group paid by the State is not acceptable. Angry Ghanaians will like to know :
Why Jean Mensah transferred many of her workers out of Accra to the Regions or sent on retirement?
Are the new ones she brought to Accra, IT qualified or are they party activist or former members of vigilante groups?
Did Jean Menah accept the position as EC Chairperson without merit?
Is it likely Charlotte Osei could have done a better job?
These are questions being asked by the Taxpayer and CDG-GH would like to know the answers.

Dr E.K.Hayford
Executive Director, CDG-GH
0277606338 / 0507694343

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