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John Dramani Mahama, flagbearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has won the hearts of the members of labour unions in the country.

Thunderous applause and standing ovation greeted the NDC’s Presidential Candidate Mr. John Mahama as he outlined labour policies in the People’s manifesto to Labour Unions .
The auditorium of the GNAT Hall on Saturday was a scene to behold as former President Mahama touched the need for worker’s SSNIT contributions to be used as a collateral to enable workers to purchase houses and vehicles.

As though that was enough for the labour unions, the icing on the cake was the assurance to provide 1 million jobs within the 4 year tenure drawing thunderous applause and jubilation.
“In national crisis like the covid-19 a sensitive government should be able to make workers draw stipend from their contributions to support their families. When I suggested it, SSNIT came and said it is against the law bla bla bla Of course I’m a seasoned law maker and I knew the law has to be amended”, Mr. Mahama said.

He added “collateralizing our pension for our workers to be able to build 2 or 3 bed room in your hometown so you don’t go fight over who should occupy which room should not be too much for a government and I assure you the next NDC government will do that”.

“…We will amend the pensions Act for members who have worked for over 15 years to use their SSNIT benefits as collaterals for vehicles and houses.

He indicated that Ghana’s affordable housing project has not been that affordable adding that most of the houses have been indexed in dollar rate “so when the cedi depreciates then the cost of the houses goes high”, a situation he describes as worrying.

He also mentioned that the Next NDc government will ensure that beneficiaries of NABCO will have permanent and decent job, a promise that also sat well with the Labour unions.

Former President Mahama also reminded the Labour Unions about the fact that the labour front flourishes anytime a social democratic party like the NDC is in power as opposed to the conservative NPP where the labour front faces challenges.

“Anytime social democratic party is in power the labour sector flourishes. One of the major issues of the NPP administration is interference. Most often they replace career public servants with their party Apparatchik. We will make sure who ever deserves the position gets it irrespective of your political affiliations”, Mr. Mahama said.

Mr. Mahama also promise to revive the Aayalolo bus which he explained was initiated to deliver public service to the working class and not necessarily as profit making entity as being the reason the NPP NPP government collapsed it.

Among many other promises as has been captured in the People’s manifesto, former President Mahama appealed to the Labour Unions to vote for him and NDC for integrity and development which he said has eluded the current government in its 4 year tenure.

“If I ask you to tell me something in our manifesto, I’m sure you will be able to tell me the big push , you will be able to tell me the primary health care etc..The ideas you gave us is very critical and no wonder its been a manifesto that has been the most discussed”.

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