Lutheran church celebrate Reformation Day
… Organized bible quiz to test the knowledge of school children

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The Lutheran church of Ghana have this year celebrated its Reformation Day with school children, by organizing a Bible quiz to test their knowledge in the scripture.

The Reformation Day which in the past, is celebrated in the church, is this year being celebrated the school children as well as stakeholders of the church, teachers and parents.

In an interview, the National Education Board Chairman for Lutheran church of Ghana, Mr. Daniel Amekudzi stated, ‘We think that, as faith based school, we need to row out in the schools”.

The intention of the Church Mr. Amekudzi indicated is that, the Lutheran Church believes that it is not by their works but rather, it is by the grace of God adding that, it was started by Martin Luthe 500 years ago.

The grace of God he mentioned, cannot be bought by anyone and that, there is nothing to be done in terms of works or any other ways to get salvation.

Mr. Amekudzi however revealed that, the school children were brought to Accra from all Lutheran school branches across the country to participate in the bible quiz competition.

He entreated every Christian especially, Lutheran church members to show love to everyone saying, the church is based on love and that, it is only when they extend love and believe in God and believe that, it is by his grace that they are alive and everything that they do, can only be done through his grace that they stand the chance to grow the school and the church.

Mr. Daniel Amekudzi also, called on every Ghanaian to always remember leaders of the nation in prayers so that, God would see us through the difficult time facing the nation.

He averred that, seeking personal gains at the detriment to your neighbor is not the best and, called on those destroying water bodies through galamsey activities to desist from that and think twice.

“If our forefathers has done such act, we would not have come to meet these water bodies to benefit from. So, it is important that we protect them”.

At the end of the competition, Holy Trinity Lutheran school from Kumasi emerged the winner with 49 points and was giving trophy together with other items. Saint Paul’s Lutheran school placed second position while, All Saint Lutheran school took the 3rd position with Saint Peter’s Lutheran school placing 4th and Trinity Lutheran taken the 5th position.

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