Krowor NPP Plans to Cause Uproar at Late BOST MD’s funeral Uncovered

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By: Kwaku Sankilo

A planned attempt by the New Patrioric Party, NPP Member of Parliament for Krowor, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye to cause an uproar in the area during the funeral rite of the late Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) MD, late George Nii Okley Mensah was uncovered.

National Tymes was hinted that there was an alleged on-going attempt by Madam Afoley Quaye, Fisheries Minister to use some elements in power to coerce the family of the late BOST MD into inviting her to attend the funeral of the man she hated, insulted, and openly invoked juju and ancestral curses on.

This portal gathered that the Fisheries Minister vilified, demonized and called Nii Okley Mensah names after he sacrificed his hard earned resources to support the woman to become Member of Parliament MP for Krowor and now a Fisheries Minister.

There was a rumour all over Nungua that Madam Afoley Quaye instigated Nii Okley Mensah’s resignation as BOST MD just because he used his position to help the youth and the people of Krowor; something she could not.

It also gathered that, because of his alleged support for Ingineer Odai during the NPP primaries, Madam Afoley Quaye was seen openly invoking curses, evil spirit and ancestral forces on late Nii Okley Mensah which recorded versions were widely circulated in Krowor Constituency and its environs.

The body of Nii Okley Mensah, former BOST MD, would be interd on Saturday August 8, 2020 at Nungua Royal Meuseleum for his final rest.

After his death on Monday 22nd June, the Fisheries Minister was alleged to have organised an all-white Jubilation Service dubbed “God Has Done It”, and since then, she has refused to visit late Nii Okley Mensah’s family.

A source indicated that she was also nowhere near all the funeral meetings family held, whiles information on the ground has it that she was now trying to coerce some family members into inviting her just 2days to the funeral slated for Friday and Saturday.

The immediate Nii Okley family has refused to send her invite because they maintained that her presence at the funeral could caused them pain with a possible uproar amongst her entourage and the several sympathisers of the late BOST MD.

The family was afraid because the looming tension is heightening already they would not want the memory of the late George Nii Okley Mensah affected.

Some family members quizzed why Afoley Quaye bent on bringing disgrace to the memory of the late Nii Okley Mensah? The source posited that “this woman does not care about the feelings and sensitivity of anyone except her political fortunes”.

“…..even though she has refused to show any condolence to the family – wife, the kids, the old aged mother of the man, and his brothers and sister, – she plans to bulldoze her way into the funeral grounds with the NPP hoodlums in uniforms in case some of the family members want to prevent her to show her face”, discclosed a source.

To this effect, it was suggested the elders of Nii Ayiku We advise the woman that she can’t beat a child and stop him/her from crying.

“The immediate family has not extended her any invitation and rightly so hence she should respect their decision and allow them to mourn their husband, father, brother and son in peace”.

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  1. Who wrote this? Was the one hungry to write such disjointed and unconvincing tale? And he or she is called a journalist? Too cheap. Which paper? I will not make a mistake to read this portal again. So insulting to my intelligence. The 4th realm? So disgusting.

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