Kotoku Zongo Chief Warns Youth Against Election Violence

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Chief Alhaji Umar Ibrahim

The newly installed Adjein Kotoku Zongo Chief in the Ga- West Municipality, Alhaj Ibrahim Umar has appealed to the Zongo youth to stay away from electioneering violence especially during elections 2020.

In an interview with GD in Accra few days after his installation, chief Ibrahim indicated his interest in peaceful Co-existence with the traditional rulers and other tribal chiefs in the Adjein Kotoku and its adjoining communities.

He explained that Adjein Kotoku Zongo is made up of both Christians and Moslims as well as different tribes, Moshie, Zeberimah people, especially the Ewes and the Gas who are the custodian of the land.

As a peace maker and a chief, he stated it behooves upon him to ensure he and his subjects live in harmony with all others for the seek of development of the Kotoku community like other places.

Chief Ibrahim was born, bread and schooled in Kotoku when his father, Alhaji Moro came to settle there in 1930s to work with Ghana Railway Corporation.

After his middle school education he joined his father and later left to do many other jobs where he learnt driving and joined an oil company as a driver after working with other institutions.

Alhaji Umar hinted he declined the chieftaincy proposal when approached severally because at the time he could not have been able to combine his job with the chieftaincy affairs where his people would have needed him most.

Chief Umar’s installation was peacefully, very cordial and well attended event to the admiration of the other chiefs and the people of Adjein Kotoku and its surrounding communities.

The newly installed Adjein Kotoku Zongo Chief Umar Ibrahim frowns on anything activity that creates felt; hence charged the people of the area to take the issue of sanitation seriously.

He pointed out that most of the communicable diseases are caused by poor sanitation. He mentioned typhoid fever, diarrhoea, and other ilments that are caused by poor sanitary environment/surroundings.

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