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Renowned broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwah has deleted an alleged Facebook post he made about his son being gay after it went viral on Friday.

Darkwah Kyei Darkwah, son of KKD, in an interview with intomore.com, which was republished by NEWS-ONE on Thursday and later published by several other news platforms in Ghana, opened up to being gay.

He indicated he has been gay since he was in primary school but had to hide it from his parents and family.

“The moment I realised I was gay happened in primary school. Someone called me gay as an insult and I responded with “so what?” I was totally fine with it, but others weren’t and that was when the discomfort and shame with my sexuality started,” he told the digital magazine.

“I went through a lot of ups and downs, trying out new ways of dressing, trying out new friendship groups, and reinventing myself over and over again. I realise I did this because I was still trying to fit in a box – the stylish black guy, the cool and macho black guy, the femme, flamboyant and fun black guy. None worked because there is a lot more to me (and any person for that matter) than a stereotype. I am now very comfortable with my sexuality because I don’t feel I need to conform to any one image,” he added.

KKD was allegedly trolled on social media over the son’s sexuality.

But the man, who was arrested in 2014 for allegedly raping a 19-year-old lady and was later freed after the rape charge was dropped on April 22, 2015 after the Attorney General entered a nolle prosequi for the case, is definitely not the type who keeps mute when he is being trolled.

He allegedly took to Facebook to congratulate his son for the bravery in coming out about his sexuality in a long post. He indicated that regardless of his son’s sexuality, he loves him and will not disown him for his choices.

“Whilst the culture in which I was raised influenced me to lean towards raising my children as Asante, Christian, well-mannered, audacious, industrious, cosmopolitan and heteros*xual, I do not consider it my place to pontificate, praise or condemn the sexuality any adult identifies with,” part of his alleged post read.

“My son Darkwah is a gentle, creative, confident, erudite and hard-working 23 year-old who has studied fashion design and worked as sales executive for Harrods and Givenchy, sales executive then stylist – Luxury Accessories for Tom Ford, Account Executive for Haddon PR and is now fashion editor for the Gay Times, arguably the world’s biggest magazine in its genre. And yes I love him, I admonish him, I scold him and I celebrate him as a loving,” he also said.

But few hours after the post went viral, it could not be found on KKD’s Facebook page, where most online reports sourced for their stories. It was also not on his Instagram page as of Sunday.

It is readily not clear why the alleged post has been taken off.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com

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