King Oyanka’s Backed ‘Glu Bank Note’ Takes Over Eco Currency

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King Oyanka’s backed ‘Glu Note’ has been described by investors as the promising and biggest the eco currency, currently under review.

“This is More than Eco and Beyond West Africa”, King Oyanka noted during an interview with a South African based media outlet.  

His Royal Majesty Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka is a royal decendant of royal amazons warriors of Benin Kingdom founded by Queen Tassi Hangbe in West Africa and traditional ruler and leader of Tunmma Royal Dynasty of the Ga State.

About “Eco” The eco is the name for the proposed common currency of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Plans originally called for the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) states to introduce the currency first, which would eventually be merged with the CFA franc which is used by the French-speaking west African region within the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA). This will also enable the UEMOA states to gain complete fiscal and monetary independence from France.

The UEMOA states have alternatively proposed to reform the CFA franc into the eco first, which could then be extended to all ECOWAS states. 

King Oyanka’s royal, traditional NFT and physical banknotes is now internationally recognize note which was filed in USA, has been accepted, and received approval by the American Superior Court on Wednesday, September, 2021.

The Patty Baker Cherokee County Clerk of Superior Court of the United States of America also has the record of the file number 028-2021-002070.

This historic royal notes have been printed and put into commercial trade in the United States of America.

This move has been described by many as historic since no King or individual has ever printed money and used it globally.

The “GLU” or “Gold Land Unit” note was created on the Bitcoin and Counterparty Blockchains and approved by both the Abola Piam and Anamase Royal Councils on June 26, 2021.  

On Wednesday June 2022 , King Oyanka Signed a $12m carbon credit deal with world’s Second-largest energy company with his traditional approved royal currency in America, (Glu Notes Africa).

The deal saw the President of Exxon with the VP of Enercor and Vanguard Energy (the second-largest energy company in the world) Acquiring King Oyanka Traditional Royal Bank Notes (GLU NOTE) worth 12 Million Dollars Which also comes with  a coin created for the new company called Gigatonne which can be identified on the blockchain chain network below:

KING OYANKA KINGDOM REGULATED MULTICHAIN TOKEN TOOK  AFRICA WORLD’S MODERN BANKING SYSTEM BY STORM AS GOLD BACK GLU NOTES WENT GLOBAL 17 August 2022 exactly 2 months of less after signing record carbon credits deal ,Nii Adama Djata, the Chief Business Development and Financial Director of the Kingdom’s Royal Council locks in 1.9M in liquidity behind WETH/UBEC-LP ( Universal Barter Exchange Credit Union developed and regulated by Nii Adama Djata and King Oyanka Royal Alliance and Kingdom which has been paired on Ethereum Chain in the Uniswap V3 DEX.” Ubec-lp is connected to every major blockchain.  UBEC-LP was created to regulate GLU Notes on International blockchains markets and systems through UN identity number and Bloomberg Registered Global Legal Entity Identifier Code. 

Again from  August 16, 2022, “Ubec-lp was  Listed on Coinmarketcap with 3 million worth of liquidity within 2 to 3 months and between August and October has moved to over 5b in Liquidity.  The world and Crypto world in general must have released that this feats has never been chalked or achieved by any other Royal Royal Leadership in Africa and the World nor Any Governments or Institution. 

This is traditionally, spiritually created ancestoral royal currency through the magical feats of King Oyanka and Adama Djata. 

Most greatest achievements recently behind the doors of King Oyanka and Adama Djata is mouth watering and unbelievable and more so historical as they have created  coin under the province of Glu Notes and Oyanka coin for 40 Plus traditional royal Kingdoms in Africa,  Private Organizations,  Companies and Individuals which can be tracked and identified on world most popular Crypto or digital trading platform “Coinmarketcap” and “pancakeswap “

Below is the list of Kingdoms, Companies and Individuals whom have benefited and yet to be considered to operate, trade and commerce with the traditionally approved royal digital currency already trending on all major blockchains.

Zulu (South 



Oyo (Nigeria)

Ethopia (Ethopia)

Asafoatse (Ghana)

Tunma Kingmaker 


Haitian Kingdom 


Benin Kingdom 


Royal Movement grp 


Nigeria Prince 


Nigeria Majesty 


Asogli State Coin


CICC Socrates


CICC Justice


Bron Kingdom Coin 





Nana Afia Siraa 

Ababio III (KATO)


Berekum (WEREMPE)


Ambassador Nana 

Bini (BINI)(Ivory 


Zion Trust Coin 


Anamase Royal 

Alliance Council 


Ghana Media & 

Jounalism (Ghana)

Ghana Society Of 

The Disabled 



OLA Orunmila 

Temple Intl


Owonrin Wofun 

Temple (ADIFASE)


Apapo Gbogbo Orisa 

Intl Temple 


Okonfo Atchingali 

Temple (OAT)


Sa Majesty 

Amangnon Spirituel 


Voyance Medium 

Adajta (VMA)


Toffa Temple Des 

Royaumes (TTDRP)


Common Aladdin 

Temple (DOSSOU)


Grand Temple of 

Tiamat (MARIATU)

(Sierra Leone)

Temple Dah Loho 

Convent (TDLC)




rituelle (CTRAD)


Le Temple Intl 

Mystique Aine 


Lawakilea Temple 


(Burkina Faso)

Temple Vaudou 

Voyance (ALOKPON)


Temple Biwitu 


Oyekun Batunpon 

Temple (OBT)


House Of Erzulie 


7th Seal Temple 


Kay Granmoun Pajwe 


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