John and Jane: The Consensus That Brings Victory

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Caucus for Democratic Governance, Ghana (CDG-Gh), congratulates Prof Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang for her presentation during her out dooring as vice presidential nominee for NDC.

She is an amazing woman characterized by quality, substance and sound proficiency.

Her presentation was full of wisdom, hope, empowerment, with human resource orientation. Naana Jane represents a conceptualized advancement into the 21st century.

She identifies what has so divided the country, and stresses, and I quote “we are all Ghanaians” unquote, we should therefore not be subjected to tribal bigotry, intimidation, brut force and violence with the aim to disenfranchise citizens.

NPP Leadership
The NPP today, is driven by leadership, that has no valid future concept for the country.

All their desires are centered on rigging the next election. Indeed NPP leadership has nothing for the next generation; a paradigm that can put Ghana`s development prospects into perpetual absurdity. Naana Jane will open the door , enter and hold the door open for the next generation.

As an academician, she has had to cross many troubled waters and dangerous rivers to get to the very top.

This one shall also pass by the Grace of God. With her on board, I believe NDC has become more attractive to the electorate.

Development Plan
In order to enable John and Jane to restructure our educational policies and system, we need a development plan for the next Century with the support and contribution of all.

The red and green fantasy shift system of NPP could not solve any problem; worse still, it has badly damaged and affected the quality of education.

We need a fresh approach by John and Jane who understand the philosophy of education in Nation Building towards 21st century. The NDC under HE John Mahama, will raised the bar and set the tone for formal redefinition of excellence in leadership and Nation Building.

As was expected, Prof Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang`s presentation has released ice cold waters on the optimistic and ambitious hopes and rigging plans of NPP and set confusion and panic ablaze in their leadership. Thanks to HE John Dramani Mahama for his candid choice.

Dr E.K.Hayford
Executive Director, CDG-GH
0277606338 / 0547694343

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