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By: Godwin Ako Gunn

I was glued to my set as the results trickled in. Some states ticked blue as others ticked red. I felt it was too early for the sitting president to declare his intention to go to court. Hmmm, ‘patapaa’ can be found even in the states!!!

I took my eyes off my set and focused on the man Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, how he became president and his leadership style.

The 2016 results shocked the world, Hilary Clinton was tipped to win the polls, indeed, she won the popular vote, failed at the electoral votes that would have sent her to the White House and for some strange reason (s), Donald Trump flipped some blue states to win won the elections. They praised the Russians for a good work done . Don’t be confused I am talking about America.

His four years in office was full of divisive comments, he wouldn’t take criticism, fought everyone including the media. Steve Banon, one of his staunch supporter and strategist didn’t last at the White House. As for the investigative journalists, the least said the better.

He treated the Covid-19 pandemic as a joke, when everyone was shutting down, he didn’t care, and was making jokes all over , and our Trump , also travelled to Norway and alas!!! The first case was announced.

When I saw the Trump team last week sharing food items for votes, I asked, is this Africa? Is this Ghana? Thank God the Covid funds for votes didn’t work and won’t work anywhere.

Now, it is confirmed, number one simply means one term and a one term president he will be.

I wonder if the Ghanian elections follow a particular pattern with that of the states? The Democrats walk hand in hand with the NDC, while the NPP walk by the Republicans as we can trace their 🐘 symbol to that of the Republicans as well. It goes without saying, “the mango doesn’t fall far from the tree”

Clinton had a two term tenure with Rawlings, Kuffour had same with Bush while Mills Mahama had the same tenure with Barack Obama. Infact, Rawlings got Clinton to Ghana, Kuffour got Bush to Ghana and Mills Mahama got Obama also to Ghana. Unfortunately, Mr Danquah and Trump were in a world of their own!!!

The Trump/Nana Addo one term tenure has been declared in the 2020 NOVDEC (November December).

The world is on a rescue mission. The Democrats are back to office. This is a confirmation that the National Democratic Congress should prepare for office!!! Mahama AFA !!!

How do you receive the statement that America has voted for their first female vice president? I never knew Joe Biden could speak Twi until I heard him faintly saying Nyame nsa wom!!!

Let the trumpets sound in Ghana, that the prophecy is fulfilled. Vigilance, is all that is needed. There are better days ahead !!!

Kun Fa Yakun

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