GUM Parliamentary candidate Vows to unseat Road Minister

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Parliamentary Candidate (PC) for the Ghana Union Movement (GUM) in the Atiwa West constituency of the Eastern Region, Mr. Reynolds Ayim Antwi has expressed his readiness to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for the area who doubles as the Minister of Roads and Highways, Hon. Kwasi Amoako Attah.

He asserted that there has been an increase in poverty, sorrows and stalled development in the lives of residents of the area under the tenure of the MP.

“Once upon the time, David was an underdog from nowhere but God lifted him to defeat Goliath in Israel. It is exactly what will happen in this year’s election here in Atiwa West because I will unseat the incumbent MP. No matter what happens, he will not return to Parliament in 2021 because his decade long service to the constituency has not been fruitful enough”, He said.

Mr. Reynolds Antwi made these submissions when he granted an exclusive interview to journalists at Abomosu.

According to him, the decade long leadership under the Roads Minister has been full of deceptions, adverse poverty, lack of descent jobs for the youth of the area and stalled development, resulting in unhappiness among the youth and people of Atiwa West.

“When you come to this area, there are no jobs for the youth in this area, but for mining but even that, the youth are being arrested partially based on political nepotism. We have no good schools, there are bad roads and no good health facilities including potable water. As for us here we acknowledge that he has done his best but that is not enough because it is obvious that he has not been able to provide jobs for the youth and that is why the people of Atiwa West are calling on me to come and save them”*. He noted.

To deal with the current situation, the Parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the Ghana Union Movement has promised to implement the vision and policies of the founder of the party, Osofo Kyere Abosom and build enough good schools, provide a befitting health facility for the constituency, provide potable water, construct good roads and above all provide good and descent jobs for the youth and people of Atiwa West in humility and love.

According to Mr. Reynolds Ayim Antwi, the time is ripe and now for Ghanaians to try an independent candidate such as Osofo Kyere Abosom and his parliamentary candidates to save the nation from its current state of agony.

“This is the time Ghanaians must give Osofo Kyere Abosom *and the GUM party the chance to bring development, create jobs and progress to our people by reimplementing the social policies of Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah)!3. He added.

Addressing the issue of filling fees for this year’s Presidential and Parliamentary aspirants, Mr. Reynolds Ayim Antwi indicated that, the Gh¢10,000.00 amount was cool and pleaded with all his colleagues to work hard to settle that cost in order that the Ghana Union Movement can win power and bring liberty to the nation.

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