Gov’t to appoint spokespersons to handle communication at different sectors

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Government is considering appointing different spokespersons to handle communication at the various sub-committees of Cabinet.

Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid, who revealed the intention says the move is aimed at improving the flow of information from different sectors of government.

“There will be a government spokesperson on legal and governance, on infrastructure, on security and on social services,” he said at a Press soirée.

He added: “Under the Kufuor administration, we had this arrangement but somehow, this year, we wanted to shelve that arrangement and see how this goes. But it still looks like we are overwhelmed and we have taken a decision to restore that arrangement that was made so that we can open channels to accessing government and also reach you.”

The Information Minister explained that in the event that the press is unable to reach him or any of his deputies, “and the matter is on governance, you can talk to the spokesperson on Governance and Legal [Affairs] who also will have the authority and mettle to be able to [respond].”

However, it is not clear if the government will appoint new persons to take up the information dissemination task at different sectors of governance or existing appointees will be re-assigned.

The Information Ministry has come under scrutiny following recent attempts by some government agencies to roll out unpopular policies that the Ministry claims it knows nothing about.

The plan to appoint different spokespersons for the myriad of sectors under the government is seen by many as a reaction to the recent events.

Huge government

President Akufo-Addo has received a backlash from government experts and the public for running the largest government since independence.

There are currently 110 appointees filling the slots as Ministers and Deputy Ministers.

Government’s defence for the huge number of appointees is that the numbers will not matter when his team delivers on the job.


Source: myjoyonline

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