Government’s Disinfection Reaches Upper West region

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The Government of Ghana has extended the phase II of the nationwide disinfection exercise programme to disinfect markets in the country to the Upper West region.

As part of the structures put in place to curb the COVID 19 pandemic, the government is embarking on another disinfection of all markets in the country.

Speaking during the launch at the WA Coordinating Council, Hon. Hafiz Bin Salih, the Upper West Regional Minister expresses his satisfaction with the process so far.

“As you are already aware, this is the second phase of the disinfection of our market. A few months ago, a programme was launched and markets in the upper west region were disinfected. Subsequent to that, we also disinfected our schools, Tertiary Institutions, Senior High Schools as well as the Basic schools, he said.”

“We know that it’s not a one off exercise, Government has made it a policy now, that every quarter, public markets will be disinfected. What we are embarking today is to cater for this quarter, he added.”

“In the upper west region, 109 markets shall be disinfected today, including public squatters that are within the environs of the market. In the Wa municipality,14 markets shall be disinfected, he concluded”.

The disinfection of markets is part of the measures Government has put in place to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus in the bid to fight the COVID 19 pandemic.

These Market Centers were disinfected in the region;WA new market,Small ruminant market,Kambali Market (New and old),UDS Junction Market,Piisi Market,Central Market,Fadama Market,Magazine Market among many other markets across the 11 districts in the region.

Source: News Desk

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