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By: Godwin Ako Gunn

Did I hear that the Nana Addo cabinet meetings have been suspended indefinitely? But the cabinet members are not up to 50 or? Have they forgotten that they have eased the safety protocols to accommodate 100 people, they must go back to sit.

They wished it for evil, but God will use it for his good.

These people take decisions based on their party and not the country. 50 people can’t sit in a meeting for 3 hours, but our children who are over a thousand (1,000) should go to school, learn, sleep and dine together. What an absurd and useless group of people leading us.

Today, with the aid of the supreme court ruling, we must all come out queue and reregister for elections 2020.

I am happy with some videos I watched this week from pastors who saw with pity, how NPP organised their parliamentary elections carelessly and without the observation of COVID-19 safety protocols.

Do they even care?
Are you not surprised that members of parliament, knowing their Covid-19 status, still decide to go to their constituencies and spread it to their own party people.
If they can do this to their party people, who are you a poor NDC person. Wicked minded people who think Ghana is for them.

See what is happening in the volta region, where Police , immigration and military men have been deployed scarring people , with others openly saying , you these Togo people, we will teach you a lesson .

They are just tribal !!!

We must all make a conscious effort to kick these guys out. A day longer than 2020 will spell doom for us.

Voting indeed has consequences!!! Because of greed, carelessness and ineptitude from this useless government, see our covid-19 status in this country.

Let’s not make another mistake. Kick Nana out

Better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

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