GLOA, PLO, CLAAG Members Urged To Calm Down

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.. As they keep dialogue with NLA on the reduction of their commission

The Ghana Lotto Operators Association (GLOA), the Private Lotto Operators (PLO) and the Concerned Lotto Agents Association of Ghana (CLAAG) are appealing to the Lotto Writers and their agents to stay calm as they keep dialogue with the authorities of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) on the 10% reduction of their commission.

This came to light when GLOA, PLO and CLAAG convened a meeting in Accra to calm the Lotto Writers and assured them of the steps being taken to register their grievances towards the reduction in their commissions.

The motive behind the meeting was to inform members about the NLA’s threat to revoke licences of PLO if they fail to comply with the commission reduction.

In addition, to encourage them to accept the proposal of NLA so that, they don’t use it as an excuse to refuse to renew their licences.

Furthermore, to encourage them to accept a reduction in their commission in spite of the current economic difficulties.

The Executive Secretary for Concerned Lotto Agents Association Ghana (CLAAG), Mr. Kweku Duah-Tawiah in a statement stated, “It is our hope to seek an amicable solution to the problem at hand, of course with the active participation of GLOA”.

He explained that, after an engagement with the NLA, GLOA members and PLOs were ordered by the Governing Board of the NLA to reduce the writers commission from 30% to 20%. “We tried to implement this directive but was met with stiff resistance. Consequently, GLOA decided to invite all stakeholders to this meeting to sensitive it’s members and to decide on a way forward”.

The commission reduction directive it came out, was a ploy by NLA to make things difficult for GLOA members and thereby using it to revoke their licences.

According to GLOA, since their licence are due for renewal, NLA wants to use non compliance to refuse to renew their licences because, the 2023 licensing process is about to begin and the NLA is using any resistance to the reduction as an excuse not to renew their licences.

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