GIMPA Research Intensification Seminar Series slated for Dec 12

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Prof. Wisdom Akpalu, Dean of GIMPA SRGS

The School of Research and Graduate Studies (SRGS) of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) will be launching GIMPA Research Intensification Seminar Series (GRISS) on Thursday Dec 12, 2019. 

The SRGS will use the opportunity to launch the GIMPA Working Paper Series that is aimed at promoting excellence in research as well as foster local and international research networks.

The theme of the seminar is “Setting the Standard for Academic Research in Ghana.” 

According to Prof. Wisdom Akpalu, who is the Dean of SRGS, GRISS will promote research at GIMPA and set the Institute apart as the most progressive research-intensive academic institution in Ghana.

“Similar to other academic institutions within the country, the academic faculty of GIMPA engages in high quality and policy relevant research that goes unnoticed. The main aim of GRISS is to showcase GIMPA’s research products” he said. 

According to him, the Institute’s Working Paper Series are academic papers written by the faculty of GIMPA. The papers will be published on the Institutes website. 

“If people want to know what type of research the faculty at GIMPA are doing, they can go to the Institute’s website and read the Working Papers,” he stated.

The Dean disclosed that three academic papers will be presented and published after the seminar. The presenters include himself (Prof. Akpalu), Dr. Philip Kofi Adom and Dr. Kwame Adanu. 

Prof. Akpalu admonished decision makers and academics to take research seriously and endeavour to participate in the program. 

“Developing countries have very limited resources and cannot afford to implement ad hoc policies that are not based on any scientific evidence”, he noted.   

The event is scheduled to take place at GIMPA, Greenhill campus (New Graduate Block, PhD seminar Room) at 3pm prompt.


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