Ghanaian footballers are ungrateful – Former Black Stars captain

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Former Black Stars Captain, Joe Addo, has opined that many Ghanaian footballers who have made it to the top, tend to forget their background which is appalling according to him.

There has been a long standing perception that Ghanaian footballers who have reached the heights of stardom tend to forget people who played a major part in their development as players and this has become a worrying phenomenon.

Speaking on the Football Legends Night Show last Friday on GH One TV, Addo lamented on the plight of Colts football teams which played a crucial role in the development of many Ghanaian footballers but for some unknown reasons they tend to forget.

He said: “Majority of us easily forget where we came from and I think it’s human nature.

“Sometimes when you get to the top you forget people who got you there and some of us have made that mistakes but we have to tell these young ones about how important it’s to know where you coming from,” Addo told Fiifi Banson on the Football Legends Night Show.


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