Ghana Armed Forces now turned into a ‘pet’ of Pres Akufo Addo …. Being remote controlled to intimidate civilians

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The Ghana Armed Forces is fast losing its ones enviable integrity and credibility in the Ghanaian public for allowing itself to be used by the Commander-in-Chief, President Akufo Addo and elements of his government to unleash tyranny on innocent civilians.

Some security experts are worried that, the fast diminishing image of the Ghanaian army could hurt the nation locally, regionally and internationally due to its current political interference and brutalities unleashed on innocent civilians in some parts of the country.

One could remember

A search of the name Ghana Armed Forces on the internet displays several media reports published on the brutalities visited on innocent citizens in recent past, especially, during the lock down periods with one umarmed civilian shot dead by a soldier in Ashaiman.

As we are all aware, the Electoral Commission of Ghana will start a new voter registration five months to the general elections, and before the start date, the Armed Forces have allowed itself to used by the President Akufo Addo government to be deployed to border towns in the strongholds of the largest opposition party, NDC, an attempt to prevent Ghanaians who reside in the neighbouring countries to come home and exercise their franchise.

Several Ghanaians have expressed disgust at the ways and manner GAF is been used in recent times in the body politics to suppress the opponent of the ruling New Patriotic Party NPP.

Meanwhile, source at the Ministry of Defense revealed that the plan to send troops to the Volta and Oti Regions has been part of government agenda to reduce the voting population who mostly vote for the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC for not allowing many to register to vote in this year’s elections.

Our sniper of information at the Defense Ministry indicated that there is a deep divisions among the military top hierarchy, expecially those hail from those regions not in favour of the operation.

The source said the Defense Minister, Dominic Nitiwul fueling the operations with might to make sure they have reduce drastically the voting population in those regions.

Ghana Armed Forces is currently devided along political line with most Ewe senior officers been sideline.


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