GBFA (Man Ghana) Is The Only Accredited And Recognized Bodybuilding Ass. – NSA

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The Ghana bodybuilding and fitness Association is the body accredited by the National Sports Authority under the Ministry of Youth and Sports during the inauguration of the Association in August 2007, and is mandated to Control all activities and and see to the development of Bodybuilding in Ghana.

The Ghana Bodybuilding and fitness Association since its inauguration to be separated from the weightlifting Association, have been controlling and developing the sports to its current state.

The GBFA wants to state that, it does not recognize any body or association called WABBA and as a result we will like to inform the public to dissociate themselves from any association not recognized by the GBFA

It has come to the notice of the GBFA that this Association is coming up with an event called Mr Ghana. We would like to inform the media and the public that, the Ghana Bodybuilding and fitness Association’s flagship event which is the Nation’s biggest and most celebrated Bodybuilding championship is called MAN GHANA and not Mr Ghana.

We will therefore emphasize that the public should dissociate themselves from this association as any engagement with them will be at their own risk.

In due time, the GBFA will come out with subsequent development in terms of the legality of this association and it’s activities.

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