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Former National Security Cordinator under the erstwhile Mills/Mahama administration, Mr. Larry Gbevlo Lartey has slamed the former attorney general, Mr. Ayikoi Otoo on his comments on the National Security issues.

The former security capo described Hon. Ayikoi Otoo’s comment as below the belt.

According to him, Ayikoi Otoo has no knowledge about National Security Strategic plans hence his comment.

Mr. Gbevlo Lartey on his Facebook hall took a swipe at the NPP’s former Attorney General and exposed him of his ignorant on National Security issues.

He commended the National Security Minister, Hon. Kan Dapaah for coming out with the early warning.

Mr. Kan Dapaah over the week warned the Judicial administration against certain kinds of justice deliveries that could make the peace of the country

In recent time, the judicial administration delivers certain judgements that has the tendency to mare the peace of the country.

This Mr. Kan Dapaah’s naked truth did not go down well with some top government officials who always benefit from these kind of miscarriage of justice.

According to to Mr. Kan Dapaah, admistration of justice has taken the toll of political line and could lead the country into instability.

Below is the facebook post of Larry Gbevlo Lartey:

If Ayikoi Otoo had just but sought advice on the linkage between the administration of justice and national stability he would not have made such zealotry comments on what the Minister for National Security said during the sensitization of the Judiciary on the National Security Strategy of the country.

He should go and read the National Security Strategy(NSS) and stop professing that judges are divine and infallible.

They are not; and unfair administration of justice perceived or real, has led to serious national instability in many parts of our sub-region.

That is a lesson our National Security Minister appears to be well aware of better than Ayikoi.

The Minister did not say judges should rule on party lines. Where did
Ayikoi get that from?

Does Ayikoi understand what the NSS means by a whole of Government and whole of society approach to ensuring national stability?

Has Ayikoi followed the observations of the CDD on the administration of justice in Ghana of late?

Has he examined the complex concept of subjective (perceived) and objective (real) fear and that security on any scale remains a feeling?

He should please leave the Minister alone to do his work, sensitize the general public including the judiciary on the thresholds of tolerance that ensure national stability.

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