Gbedemah-Mamattah Family Celebrates Homecoming In Anyako

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Hundreds of natives of the Gbedemah-Mamattah Family Union of Anyako in the Volta region thronged the township during the Easter festivities for the family homecoming to return to their ancestral home to meet and unite with relatives and loved ones to mark the event.

The homecoming attracted sons and daughters from Accra, Ho, and Akatsi and the diaspora aims to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among natives of the Gbedemah-Mamattah family both home and abroad to unite indigenes from various locations.

Clad in their beautiful family-designed polo shirts, they also danced to beautiful musical tunes shared history, and created lasting memories, reinforcing the close-knit bonds that define the family.

In his remarks, the Chairman of the Gbedemah-Mamattah Family Union, George Mamattah, emphasized the importance of preserving and uplifting the family heritage, stressing the need for unity and encouraging family members to come together to strengthen their bond and support one another.

He highlighted the challenges faced by the Gbedemah-Mamattah family, stating that they had been scattered for too long and he underscored the urgent need to unite and nurture the family’s reputation.

Mr. Mamattah believes it is the responsibility of every family member, regardless of age, to actively participate in the family union. By doing so, they can work together to elevate the status of the Gbedemah-Mamattah family.

“As the family moves forward, plans are being put into action to organize regular gatherings, events, and community initiatives to facilitate communication and collaboration among family members. These efforts will contribute to the preservation of their heritage and ensure a strong and united Gbedemah-Mamattah family for generations to come”. He echoed.

Mr. Mamattah expressed his commitment to the cause saying; with renewed determination, the Gbedemah-Mamattah Family Union aims to strengthen the bonds, foster greater understanding among members, and ensure a prosperous future for the family.

On his part, the Assistant Secretary of the Gbedemah-Mamattah Family Union, Emmanuel Mamattah, noted that the maiden family gathering aimed at bringing together all members of the family and also marked the return of some natives to their ancestral home for the first time.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a strong family bond urging all members to actively participate in family affairs and announced that the family will now be organizing annual homecoming events to strengthen relationships and achieve their collective goals.

Furthermore, Mr. Mamattah underscored the importance of helping those who have lost touch with their roots to trace their ancestral home and revealed plans to implement a programme to attract and welcome back those who may not know their lineage or where they come from.

He stressed the significance of family unity and encouraged all members of the Gbedemah-Mamattah Family Union to come together and contribute towards achieving the family’s objectives. Family, he proclaimed, is the most important and beautiful thing in the world, and all members must work together to ensure its strength and longevity.

The Gbedemah-Mamattah Family has produced many political figures in Ghana’s history. Komla Agbeli Gbedemah was a Ghanaian politician and Minister for Finance in Ghana’s Nkrumah government between 1954 and 1961. Also, the 1st Inspector General of Police, John Willie Kofi Harlley came from the Gbedemah-Mamattah Family lineage.

A 14-member executive body, led by George Mamattah, was outdoored to handle the affairs of the Gbedemah-Mamattah Union.

The members include George Mamattah as Chairman, Yao Mamattah as Vice Chairman, Philip Mamattah for the Secretary position, Emmanuel Mamattah for the Assistant Secretary position, and Lovestone Eli Mamattah as the Financial Secretary.

The rest are Atsupi Mamattah as the lead Organiser, Frank Kudzo Mamattah as Assistant Organiser, Wodewole Mamattah as 2nd Assistant Organiser, and Akuvi Badohu Gbedemah as 3rd Assistant Organiser.

Other Executive Members are Esinam Gbedemah, Kosivi Mamattah, Rose Mamattah, Monica Mamattah, and Godwin Noble Mamattah.

By: Paul Mamattah

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