Ga State to set up discipline police – Gamashi Djanumo

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The Gamashi Djanumo (queen mother ), Naa Awo Dromo I, has revealed plans to bring sanity into the Ga State.

According to the charismatic queen mother of the Ga State, part of the plans would be focused on security and sanitation.

She explained that in the area of security, the state would establish it’s own security taskforce to work hand in hand with the Ghana Police Service.

This security taskforce, according Naa Awo Dromo I will would effect and ensure directive issued by the Ga Mantse is respected in all parts of Greater Accra.

This she said would see to strict adherence to the environmental by-laws, sanitation offenders would be given stiffer punishment or spot fines to generate more resources for the Kingdom.

Naa Awo Dromo I warned that when the time comes for the State to start its work, no politician try to stand their way.

She said the work of traditional rulers is different from political positions where one has to compromise for their political interest.

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