Fraudulent Ben Ansah of GIMPA SRC on The Run

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So it came to pass that Ben Ansah who thought he wielded so much power in GIMPA politics has ran out of GIMPA accomodation without fanfare.

After he was installed by unscrupulous thieves and aides of Joseph Osei Mensah, former Students Representative Council SRC President in a dubious election with only 500 out of the 3000 students voting elect him and wanted to repeat same illegality.

Ben wanted to sell the SRC PRESIDENCY to one guy called Koomson from the law school. His main man was one Prince Owusu Agyepong but liar Prince could not afford the price so he fell out of favour hence Koomson becomes the likely successor in the plan to have a dubious election by claiming he thief Ben paid Osei money so he needed to sell src presidency to his successor Ghc50,000.

Even though students done with academic period, Ben was still bent on this silly adventure to sell the presidency.

Though, he was advised to stop and handover to the Speaker, impudent and arrogant Ben Ansah decided to fight management and go on with the election to the extent that his Electoral Commissioner, Eddie Cudjoe of FLAW decided to conduct the election and foolishly and in total disrespect had an Aptitude Test for contestants, an exercise which is not part of the process, and as expected failed those who were opposed to Ben Ansah’s corrupt mafia group.

“By the way, do you all know liar and unscrupulous Ben collected your 10, 000 ghc to go for a conference and chopped the money?, One aggrieved student lamented.

His partner in crime EC did not date the Aptitude Tests.

“Anyway you don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, the student stressed.

The GIMPA Administration were on the neck of Ben Ansah to teach him that he was a mere student.

He was ordered to cease all students activities and stop possing himself as SRC President for the school.

Fraudulent Ben Ansah has gone missing in action, and not even picking his calls and responding to text messages.

“Fellow GIMPA students and alumni don’t give Ben Ansah and his executives a penny. You do so at your own risk. He has no power anymore and his creditors are all looking for him. Don’t be his sakawa victim”, students are warned.

By: Wilberforce Anim

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