Fear And Panic, The NPP’s Style For Winning Elections

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By: Godwin Ako Gunn

A problem is half solved when you are able to identify it!!!

His Excellency John Kuffour annexed the presidential seat by creating a sense of insecurity.

We woke up each day seeing the bodies of women on the streets of Ghana. Many called for the head of Rawlings .

This was a well choreographed plan which saw women gathering at the independence square to pray the NDC out.

Another opportunity came our way to tell our stories as political parties in 2016. The NDC as usual crisscrossing the nation, commissioning projects and accounting to the people.

The architects of destruction however created another sense of insecurity. We woke up each morning to the news of fires in our markets.

Market women cried, their investments gone down the drain. Microfinance companies couldn’t retrieve loans given to these traders and all the attacks were directed to JM the nation’s builder .

This unfortunately was spiced with the efforts of their prayer warriors. They gathered to seek answers that they already had.

Fast forward, Nana Addo became president and all these fires in our markets ceased, and the prayers ended !!! What a miracle!!!

The NPP have had a second chance in office and it’s all about them.

Fear the person who says sell your Mum for power and when you have power, use the power to go for your mum.

Such people don’t keep their own promises. No wonder they are denying aspects of their 2016 promises to Ghanians.

To retain their seat, they are behaving funny. But nothing can save them

Ask them how the market 🔥 stopped !!!
The heart of these people are desperately wicked .

We are on the path to victory, let’s hold ourselves together and work towards better days ahead as promised by the NDC !!!

Kun Fa Yakun

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