Fake Sogah Chief Snubs Volta House of Chiefs

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Togbe Atsuga Sogah II, has called the bluff of Volta Regional House of Chief warning him to stop holding himself as Dufia of Sogakope.

The self acclaimed chief of Sogah was boastful that not even the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Ho could stop him from carrying himself as the Dufia of Sogakope.

Freeman Laweh Sogah, as he is popularly known made the statement angrily when he sat in state to receive an Ewe Award Winning Poet, Togbe Olokodzoko at his palace in the evening of Sunday, 13th june, 2021 in the area.

Addressing those present in Ewe, Freeman Laweh posited that his ‘detractors’ were making false publications against him but it would not wash.

He said in Ewe, “I am going viral to an extent that unemployed people called bloggers to paid them to publish false articles to tarnish my image, saying the Volta Regional House of Chiefs (VRHC) has served an Injunction Order on me that I am not the Dufia of Sogakope”.

“…..It’s untrue, I am the Dufia of Sogakope today and until I pass on to eternity, the stool is mine and no one can take it from me because, I haven’t written an application before installed as the Dufia of Sogakope, he bemoaned.

“……I was rather selected and installed by Chiefs, so such articles are untrue and yet are being published by the paid bloggers and it funnies me whenever I see such publications, so I want to tell the general public to laugh over it whenever you also see such publications”, he urged.

The Soga family who produced Dufia of Sogakope I, raised alarm that Freeman Laweh Sogah is not from their stock and therefore, he cannot be the rightful occupant of the Soga stool.

This triggered a legal action at the National House of Chiefs (NHC), Kumasi by Mr. Laweh Sogah against the later where the case has not been heard yet.

This portal gathered that Mr. Laweh Sogah has been carrying himself as the Dufia of Sogakope whilst the case at the NHC, Kumasi has not been heard hence the injunction order served on “Atsuga Sogah II” until the matter is over.

It is indicated that on June 7, 2021 the Volta Regional House of Chiefs (VRHC), Ho through a court baillaif served Freeman Laweh Sogah aka Torgbe Sogah II with an injunction order not to carry himself as Dufia of Sogakope in any event whatsoever until the NHC gives ruling on the case brought before it. Laweh Sogah appears he has flouted that order with impunity as he was debunking that nobody served him with anything to that affect.

The Injunction Order was copied both Sogakope Divisional and District Police, District Assembly, Sogakope Market Queen amongst many other institutions and various faiths in the area.

“Togbe Atsuga Sogah”, known in private life as Freeman Laweh Sogah who is enjoying the chieftaincy position reiterated that no injunction order from VRGC was served on me not to carry himself as the chief of Sogakope.

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