EC To Create Confusion In The 7th December, 2020 Elections – “CARE” GHANA

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The Electoral Commission’s refusal to recall all the voter’s ID cards with duplicated ID numbers issued by the EC to applicants in the just ended registration exercise poses threats of confusion in the 7th December, 2020 general elections.

The decision to ignore our call for the correction of these anomaly tells the EC’s level of commitment to delivering a Free, Fair and Transparent Elections.

This poses an enormous threat to the assurance of a peaceful and credible elections come 7th December. 2020

Care for Free and Fair Elections Ghana “CARE” GHANA on 2nd July, 2020 drew the attention of the Electoral Commission to the duplication of the ID numbers to the voter ID cards issued by the EC to applicants across the country.

Sharing ID numbers supposed to be unique and distinctive to an applicant with multiple individuals depicts a degree of incompetence.

However, EC has not shown any interest in correcting this anomaly which potentially can mar the sanctity of the upcoming general elections.

For instance, both Rev. Prof. Paul Frompong – Manso the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God Church and the President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council and his wife Gladys Frimpong – Manso’s ID numbers to the voter’s ID cards issued by the Electoral Commission to them have been duplicated.

These individuals share the same ID numbers with Sackey Magdalene and Danyo Diana respectively, but registered at different registration centers.

The following are some few among close to two thousand applicants who’s ID numbers have been duplicated.

  1. Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong – Manso and Sackey Magdalene shares ID number – 4465002414
  2. Danyo Diana and Gladys Frimpong – Manson shares ID number 4465002423
  3. Wiafe Daniel Asante and Abdala Adama shares ID number – 4465002432
  4. Mensah Kweku and Ologo Deborah shares ID number – 4465002441
  5. Fifty Naa Amankwah and Agyare Naomi shares ID number – 4465002451
  6. Abbay Isaac Nee Kommey and Agbezi Christiana shares ID number – 4465002469
  7. Asabea Doris and Obodai – Said Jerry Jacob shares ID number – 4465002478
  8. Senehey Olivia and Obodai – Said Doris Aheney shares ID number – 4465002487
  9. Amofa Agnes and Akpe Dede shares ID number – 4465002496
  10. Ganyo Edith and Ankrah Priscilla shares ID number – 4465002504

Interestingly, these individuals guaranteed for some other people.

Therefore, in an unlikely event where any of these individuals with duplicated ID numbers are found to be ineligible to participate in the 2020 elections therefore challenged in the exhibition exercise and removed, what will be the fate of the applicants they vouched for?

This obviously can disenfranchise many innocent eligible voters and possibly heighten tension leading to confusion.

We are very worried about the botching preparation towards the 2020 general elections by the Electoral Commission.

This therefore demonstrate the EC’s lack of commitment and preparedness for the elections.

We urge the Electoral Commission to take serious the upcoming elections and immediately take steps to correct this anomaly to inspire hope and confidence.

Thank You


David Kumi Addo
Executive Secretary “CARE” GHANA

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