EC Caught in Secret Printing of Ballot Papers

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Opposition National Democratic Congress NDC has uncovered a strange happening at the assembly press in respect to the printing of ballot papers for the election2020.

The company is caught printing ballot paper secretly at a different location and at the blindside of the political parties present.

NDC revealed this at a press conference held on sunday to inform the general public of the rigging agenda of the Commission in favour of the ruling New Patriotic Party.

Below is the full statement:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media, you are all welcome to this emergency Press briefing. Thank you very much for making the time for us at such short notice.

As you may be aware, the Electoral Commission is currently printing ballot papers required for the upcoming Elections on December 7, 2020. By convention, and as has been done in all previous elections, Political Party Agents are deployed to monitor the printing of the ballot papers for purposes of ensuring transparency and credibility of the electoral process.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the NDC has uncovered some serious unusual and irregular happenings in the ballot printing process, which we wish to bring to the attention of the Ghanaian populace.

The issues include the following:

The Electoral Commission FAILED to provide the Ballot Statistics required for Party Agents to track the number of ballot papers to be printed for each Polling Station before printing begins. Meanwhile, in all previous printing exercises, Political Parties were furnished with copies of the Ballot Statistics before printing began, so Party Agents could have a checklist to validate the quantities of ballots printed. For the current ballot printing exercise, and in a rather shocking twist of events, the Electoral Commission rather directed the NDC to receive copies of the Ballot Statistics from the Printing Houses. One wonders how the Electoral Commission expects our Party Agents to successfully record and track the quantities of ballot papers being printed, when printing has already started.

Again, the Electoral Commission has blatantly refused to provide Serial Numbers of the ballot papers to be printed per Polling Station to the NDC. Serial numbers play a very important role in ballot printing and tracking. Each ballot paper printed bears a unique serial number arranged in codes according to Region, District, Constituency and Polling Station. The essence of such an elaborate design for each ballot paper is to ensure that no two or more ballot papers bear the same serial number.

The general public will recall that in the just ended Voter Registration Exercise, the Electoral Commission itself admitted that several registrants had duplicated Voter ID numbers, a situation which the EC described as an anomaly and sought to correct under dubious circumstances without recourse to the Political Parties

By convention and practice, the EC prints an extra 5% of the total registered voters in each polling station to cater for spoilt ballots. What is surprising this time around is that, the EC is rather printing an additional 5% of the total registered voters per Constituency with padding in the total number of ballot papers to be printed. What this translates into is that, more ballot papers are being printed in excess of the 5% extra ballot papers required per Polling Station.

From the Ballot Statistics received from the Printing Houses, as coming from the EC, we have analysed the figures from 13 regions and observed that there is an excess of over 150,000 ballot papers being printed beyond the extra 5% required.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Assembly Press is one of the contractors printing the ballot papers. Just last night, the NDC found out that the Assembly Press is printing additional ballot papers in another location on its premises on the blind side of the Agents of the Political Parties.
The NDC completely abhors this irregularity, particularly, as the MD of Assembly Press (who is an appointee of the President) was an Aspirant who contested in the NPP 2020 Parliamentary Primaries in the Nkawkaw Constituency and the Convener of the Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA), pro-NPP pressure group.

Ladies and Gentlemen my colleagues will provide you with further and better particulars of the details of the situation so far.

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