Eagle Party Joins NDC to Rescue Ghana From Collapsing

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Ladies and gentlemen of the press, on behalf of the founder of EGLE party I will like to welcome you once again to the National Conference and Endorsement Ceremony.

As you may be aware the EGLE party has been one of the oldest and most formidable political parties in the Fourth Republic. Over the past year, we have aggressively pursued a reorganization program to strengthen the grassroots of the EGLE Party across the Various Constituencies in the Country.

In our rounds across the country, we gathered numerous sentiments of the people representing the expectations and aspirations of a critical mass of our citizens. Incidentally, while we prepared towards the 2020 General Elections, we realized that for the first time in a long while, most of the issues the EGLE Party decided to pursue coincided with the programme of action of the NDC as captured in the People’s Manifesto.

This Revelation showed that the National Democratic Congress led by President John Dramani Mahama and the EGLE part have so much in common. Consequently, the EGLE party upon reflection and thorough consultations with the rank and file, the founder, the grassroots and the National Executive Committee unanimously agreed not to file candidates for both the Presidential and Parliamentary elections across the country, but rather mobilize all effort and command of the party to throw its weight behind H.E John Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress in this 2020 General Elections.

The EGLE party, in line with its quest to help the NDC win the election, will from today, deploy members to join the NDC campaign teams at all levels – Constituency, Regional and at the National level. The EGLE party will however run separate campaigns also for H.E. John Dramani Mahama, in line with the same agenda.

As a social democratic party interested in the social and economic development of our people, we have a social responsibility to work towards the unseating of this incompetent, inept and corrupt family and friends sakawa government. Indeed, it is a social responsibility of every Ghanaian to ensure the end of the wanton dissipation of public funds and state resources on only one family in the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ghana in the last three and half years has witnessed the lowest form of governance in our country. The highest office of the land is at its all-time low with lies and deception from the first two gentlemen of the land to the last government appointee. A government that promised heaven on earth, is delivering real hell to its people. A government that has over 125 ministers and borrowed over 140 billion Cedis and yet has nothing to show for it. Isn’t it a shame that instead of this clueless government to apologies to Ghanaians, they have come to seek re-election for four more years? I ask them this question, four more to do what? Four more for corruption? Four more for family and friends? Four more for press suppression? Or four more for Agyapa and four more for PDS looting? Four more for mismanagement of the economy? Or four more to collapse Ghanaian businesses. Ghanaians deserve better and we must all work together to kick out this wicked government out of power come December 7th to restore some dignity in our governance.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we all know how corruption has made people poor and left many dreams shuttered in our country Ghana. It is therefore sad that the man who rode on the deceitful mantra of incorruptibility to be president of the Republic today, has become the biggest enabler of corruption with corruption thriving with impunity under his watch. This is the man who promised to fight corruption head on when voted for. Ladies and gentlemen, today, corruption is fighting Ghana under the supervision of President Akuffo Addo, the most corrupt president Ghana has ever seen since independence.

President Akuffo Addo is an embodiment and the symbol of corruption. The Ghana integrity initiative in an independent research has said that Ghana has lost about 9.6 billion Cedis to corruption from 2017 to 2019. Ghc9.6 billion lost to corruption under President Akuffo Addo in just three years. This is certainly not a government who deserves another term. The absurd nature in which the Auditor General, Mr. Domelevo, the last man standing in the fight against corruption under this government was hounded out clearly shows the lack of will to fight the canker.

This confirms our position that the president is not in any way interested in dealing with the menace and he himself endorses all the acts of corruption under this government. We cannot have four more years of corruption. And the danger, ladies and gentlemen, comes when a president runs to clear his appointees of corruption without delay.

In December, we have a decision to make between a clearing agent of corruption i.e HE. NANA ADDO DANQUAH AKUFFO ADDO and a former president who prosecuted his own appointee in the YEA scandal and sacked Victoria Hammer for merely professing an ambition. The verdict is clear. I choose the man who fought corruption and jailed his own appointee and retrieved lots of monies back to the state in the few corruption cases that came up under his watch. It is for this reason that we are endorsing the candidature of HE President Mahama, because we think he did far better in the fight against corruption.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ghana is bleeding under the deceptive leadership of President Akuffo Addo and Vice President Bawumia. A government that promised it will not borrow and which, while in opposition, told us the money to develop Ghana is right here in Ghana, has suddenly made a U-turn and borrowed the country over the last three years into HIPC status.

This is unacceptable and certainly not what we voted for. This government has borrowed over 140 billion Cedis and yet has nothing to show for it. Not a single school, not a single hospital, not a single university, and we haven’t seen the construction of any major roads.

No wonder the government is all over claiming projects of the previous administration as well as projects of private entities all in the bid to deceive the public.

The question is where is our money? 140 billion in less than four years and nothing to show for it?

We all saw the massive infrastructure development undertaken under the previous administration led by HE JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA who had just about 54 billion Cedis at his disposal in loans.

We saw schools all over the country from basic to tertiary, he added a new public university, built over 4,000 health facilities, regional hospitals, district hospitals, polyclinics and thousands and thousands of CHIPS compounds, Terminal 3 at Kotoka, Tema Harbor expansion project.

Interchanges at Pokuase, Circle, Obetsebi Lamptey and the Tema motorway roundabout are all the legacies of President Mahama. Today, Ghana produces its own gas courtesy president Mahama and the NDC.

President Mahama dealt with Dumsor head on and resolved it, it’s the reason President Akuffo Addo can give free lights for vote today. He expanded access to water both urban and rural, adding over 40 million gallons of water daily to Accra under 4 years which is why President Akufo-Addo can give free water for votes. This is how nations are developed, we in the EGLE party has yet another reason to endorse President Mahama. He is the epitome of development. Fellow Ghanaians let’s all choose progress and development, lets choose John Mahama.

The man who was hailed as a champion of democracy and human rights advocate is today presiding over lawlessness, state of insecurity and abuse of human rights. Never in the history of Ghana have we had such a porous security system like we have today under President Akuffo Addo. Today, Ghanaians live in fear for their lives and don’t feel safe. We wake up each day to videos of violent attacks, killings, armed robberies, assassinations, kidnaping, political attacks just to mention a few. Police officers are being killed each day and you will not hear a word from our president.

The core threat to global peace and security is not war between two countries but the proliferation of arms. The enlistment of party thugs into state institution and fueling of vigilantism under the leadership of President Akuffo Addo is the major reason for most of these major crimes.

The Ayawaso West Wuogon incident, the brutalization of DSP Nanka Bruce at the office of the Pesident, the attack by vigilantes on a court were all swept under the carpet by the Akuffo Addo led government. Ghana is indeed bleeding. Today, journalists are living in fear of their lives, the murder of Armed Suale and a host of journalists who have been chased out of their own country for exposing rot in this government and the closure of many opposition radio station under president Akuffo Addo all points to the fact that all the gains we have made in our democracy have been eroded by this government.

We saw Ghana under president Mahama, it was not a perfect system, but never did we see such lawlessness with impunity. The security institutions were made to work for the benefit of all. We never heard about any secret recruitments into the security agencies as has been the case under President Akuffo Addo. If we want our country together in one piece, the time is now to vote massively for HE JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA to bring sanity to our security agencies and take Ghana to its glory days.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can go on and on, sector by sector by all standards this government is just a disaster, it has gotten so much yet has nothing to show. We need to put Ghana back to the track of progress and prosperity. Where every Ghanaian will feel and have a sense of belonging. Ghana must work for all and not just for some selected few.

Elections have consequences and the consequences of the bad decision we took in 2016 is what we are seeing and living with. Once again, we have an opportunity to correct our mistake as Ghanaians.

We have taken time to compare manifestos and can clearly see the NDCs vision for the country is what will take us to the Promised Land. The single major issue confronting our youth today is unemployment, we think the People’s Manifesto gives hope and has outlined strategic and well thought plans to help create jobs for the benefit of all. We believe the agenda 1million jobs per year, the BIG PUSH, national apprenticeship programs are a better alternative to the unemployment situation in this country which the current government has shown no clue at tackling completely.

Our youth need sustainable jobs, not interim jobs that they get to leave after three years without regards to what next. When you build schools, hospitals, airports, harbors they all create jobs, because it will need men and women to man those schools and clinics. He has done it before! We know he can do it better.

Need I say more, the second coming of JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA is eminent, and the EGLE party wants to be part of this historic moment and is going to work hard to cement his victory in the 2020 elections.

Like the saying goes we have carried drink and carried water, we now know which one is heavier. We therefore call on all our rank and file once again, every EGLE party executive and member, to vigorously join the rescue mission. Another four years of the Nana Addo government will break this country beyond repairs. They have failed woefully and must be booted out without further delay.

The NPP has failed to even tell us what they would do in their second term, they should be bold enough to tell us what they will do in their second term, we are interested. Free SHS has already been implemented and it has come to stay. They should tell something new. The name calling and the politics of insults and attacks on the person of the former president, HE JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA and his running mate PROF. NAANA JANE OPOKU-AGYEMANG is archaic, shameful and old fashioned.

The Ghanaian people will vote based on issues and not on insults, lies and deception. Let’s have a decent contest of ideas, enough of the insults and name calling.

The Mahama-Opoku-Agyemang ticket commits to ending the double track that has been brought upon this country due to lack of infrastructure.

Now, to the electoral commission, they should take lessons from what is happening in Nigeria now and give us a free and fair contest. The power of the people can never be underestimated. Let’s think about our country in all our dealings and work towards a peaceful and transparent elections.

We are therefore using this platform to call on all our rank and file to campaign vigorously for the NDC and their flag bearer in the upcoming December election.

The EGLE PARTY is confident and convinced, that a vote for John Mahama is a vote for Schools, Jobs, Roads, sustainable employment, good economic management, improved quality FREE healthcare and prosperity for all. On the election day, let us think about Ghana first and vote wisely.

Let no one deceive you, Vote wisely, vote JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA, the Commissioner General, Infrastructural General and the Nation Builder.
Indeed, the Victory of JM is coming again.
Let’s all join hands and make this rescue mission possible.

God bless our home land Ghana.
God bless the EGLE party.
God bless us all.
Thank you

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