E- commerce , the new normal On-demand services may be the answer to controlling spread of covid-19

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Once upon a time, life was normal and although everything wasn’t perfect.we was just okay.

Then from nowhere, a pandemic started in the outside world and it seemed far far from us. Before we knew it, it was here with us. Everyone became cautious and we fought it together. Human as we are, when the hype died down and things started to feel normal, everyone took their eyes off the road for a brief period.

All of a sudden, the virus woke up and the effects have been damaging. However, just as it came, so shall it disappear. In the midst of all this, great lessons have been learnt in every sphere of life. Extensive research has proven that E-commerce played a major role in controlling the spread of this deadly virus. In this day and age when technology has made it possible for the most impossible things to happen, we must all endeavor to take advantage and ensure that we stay safe. In Ghana, the growth of online shops and e-commerce in general has been rapid.

Although many online shops and portals are being opened, one highly effective player in the online business space is Jumia. The tech company has in recent years provided Ghanaians with a safe and reliable platform to do business. In such times, it is refreshing to know that we can all rely on such platforms to buy all the essential items we need without putting ourselves at the risk of infection.

Throughout 2020 when the pandemic was rife in Ghana, Jumia championed the ‘’stay home, stay safe’’ campaign by reducing delivery and shipping fees to enable customers to receive their essential items while at home and still save a lot of money. Many Ghanaians ordered essential products like provisions, toiletries, groceries, fast food while others shopped for electronics, large appliances and smartphones to help them enjoy their stay at home. It was a tough year but being able to still access their preferred products, food and services in a fast, safe, cheap and convenient way was a great relief to a lot of Ghanaians.

‘’It really felt great to be part of something amazing. To play my part in ensuring that Ghanaians were well protected from the spread was something I can never forget. Even today, as the virus resurges, the need for online platforms that will help protect people from having personal contact by staying home and staying safe cannot be overemphasized. The fight against this deadly virus still continues and we have also gassed up to ensure the safety of our consumers.
By extensively training our delivery agents to adhere strictly to all covid-19 safety protocols, promoting cashless payments via the use of our payment platform (Jumia Pay) and offering the contactless delivery service to our customers , we at Jumia believe we are on course to help fight this pandemic.

Internally, we have actively tested all staff and implemented a ‘’no mask-no entry’’ policy at all our offices, pick up stations and warehouses. Sanitizers and hand wash stations have also been provided to help all staff and workers stay safe’’ said Lionel Mobi, Chief Operations Officer at Jumia Ghana.

The company also donated over 20,000 pieces of nose masks to the Ministry of Health last year and plans are advanced in embarking on a street campaign to donate masks and sanitizers to Ghanaians who live on the streets and may not have the ability to frequently purchase these safety items. In such times when employees are being laid off, the continuous need for ecommerce services has helped Jumia employ hundreds of Ghanaians directly while hundreds more are making a livelihood through the company’s vendor and affiliate programs.

Mr. Rodney Mills, MD of Yes Chef added ‘’ When covid-19 hit us, walk-in restaurants were badly affected as sales went down heavily. Customers struggled to enjoy their favorite meals from their preferred restaurants. However, due to our partnership with Jumia, we have been able to deliver food to all our customers safely and conveniently.

This partnership also made it possible for our customers to enjoy huge discounts and deals which helped them save money. My business has benefited a lot from the partnership with Jumia and I am happy to say that we have learnt a lot about ecommerce which has helped us grow’’.

As we continue to fight this pandemic, it is imperative that we continue to believe in ecommerce and spread the good news about on demand services. It is possible now to stay in our homes or offices and get our meals, products, groceries and other essentials items delivered to us safely within minutes. It is affordable and convenient as well thanks to ecommerce platforms such as Jumia. On this note, AKWAABA to all new on demand service providers to Ghana. The future is bright!

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