Dr. Adomako Kissi lambast constituents as Ungrateful
…as they groan over dilapidated roads

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The Member of Parliament for Anyaa Sowutuom constituency, Dr. Dickson Adomako Kissi, has described his constituents as ungrateful for complaining about the deplorable nature of roads in the area.

He said despite his constituents not paying property tax but keep pressuring government to undertake developmental projects within the area.

“I will hate to say that we have a problem of not appreciating even where we have arrived at and the reason why I say that is that a lot have happen when I do the road, nobody comes to commend me. But when they are demanding, they start insulting me, which is fine. I could have directed the money I am using to support them to other roads”

“We are not the only place in the entire constituency, Agape is there, and Sowutuom is there, Lomnava and others. And then in totality, Antie Aku residents who are complaining are not even contributing to the property tax so that we can use part of that to do their roads,” Dr. Adomako Kissi.

Dr. Adomako Kissi made this remarks in an interview in Accra when responding to question about complaints by his constituents who are demanding for asphalt on the Antie-Aku junction to Municipal assembly office roads.

He also explained that the road has not been asphalted because of the buildings on the waterway which needs to be demolition to pave way for the construction of drainage from Dela junction to the Deserter hospital.

A resident, Mr. Charles Sewordor said, the deplorable nature of the road is making living conditions more difficult for them.

He said that they are always traumatized anytime they ply the road as they fear being sick after inhaling the dust.

Mr. Sewordor noted that residents have drawn the attention of their Member of Parliament and the Municipal Chief Executive to the poor state of the road but nothing had been done to improve it.

“We have written countless letters to the assembly and held several meetings with the authorities but we are not getting results and that is why we are appealing to the central government,” he said.

He said business and commercial activities along the affected areas are paralyzed because of the inaccessible roads.

A motorist, Mr. Gordon Annor, said he frequently visits mechanics to fix his vehicle damaged by the bad condition of the road network. He wanted the concerned authority to urgently come to their rescue.

Besides Annor, another concerned resident, Madam Bernice Anankwa, said pregnant and nursing mothers who use the road to the Deserter hospital in the community which boasts of top class medical doctors, nurses and other health workers are however confronted with sicknesses as a result of the dusty nature of the road.

According to her several lives have been lost, whilst others have had miscarriages due to the several potholes and the poor road network.

“Due to the bad nature of the road, which is dusty and full of pot holes of scary sizes, it is impossible to rush critically ill patients to the only community hospital for treatment on time. Some women have miscarriage which was prevented but alas the poor road network affected their pregnancies,” Madam Bernice Anankwa lamented.

Madam Aku Seshie said that the deplorable state of their road network coupled with poor drainage system makes the area unmotorable.

She explained that due to the poor state of the road, commercial vehicles barely visit the community often; leaving residents to travel mainly on foot.

The Municipal Chief Executive for Ga Central Assembly, Mr. Mohammed Bashiru Kamara, declined to respond to several calls put across to his phone line after initiating promising to speak.

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