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The leadership of Ghana Trainee Teachers(GhaTT) calls on the Minister of Education, Hon.Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh to apologize to Diploma teachers for showing gross disrespect to us. In the viral video, the honourable minister was heard making the following claims:

1) Teachers from the colleges of education went to college with worst WASSCE results because they did not gain admission to the University.

2) Graduate teachers are better than Diploma teachers.

These comments from the minister is very shameful and disrespectful to the teaching fraternity. The fact that someone chose to become a teacher does not mean he/she had a bad grade.

The entry requirements for colleges of education is A1-C6 (i.e. three core subjects and three elective subjects) which is the same as the entry requirements for universities in Ghana. It is quite unfortunate that, the hon. minister for education made such statements without a proper check from the institute of education.

Again, it is very intriguing to compare Diploma teachers and Graduate teachers. An individual who completes any of the 46 accredited colleges of education and universities can be termed as a graduates.

The minister’s statement was was very derogatory and uncalled for. The minister of education must therefore apologize for embarrassing the teaching fraternity.

Respect the teaching profession!

Mutawakil Ibn Nahsrulla
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Ayittey Samuel
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Boakye Joseph Agyemang (Abusua)
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