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Babies are bundle of joy, depending on who is receiving the news of conception. Whichever way, the guardian, caretaker or parent will have to deal with diaper rash at some point, especially in the first year or so of their child‘s life.

Diaper rash is a skin irritation around the buttock. It comes as a result of the skin’s longer contact with urine, stool or wet discharges within the diaper region. While diaper rash is generally thought to affect infants and toddlers, any individual wearing a diaper is a candidate to develop this dermatitis.

Infants within the diaper wearing age (birth to 3years) mostly tends to experience a rash around the genital area that looks extremely painful and uncomfortable. Diaper rash can be treated at home depending on the severity.

Although a child left in a wet or soiled diaper for too long is more likely to develop diaper rash, any child with sensitive skin can get a rash, even if you’re diligent about diaper changes.

No matter how careful you are, your little one will probably get diaper rash at some point. Most babies do, hence the need to plan ahead and learn how to treat it to prevent flare-ups. Children between 4-11 months are highly prone to diaper rash due to the change in food intake and the switch from liquid to solid food. Some also get these rashes when they begin to sit.

Some noted causes of diaper rash are: Irritation from stool and urine (prolonged exposure to urine or stool), chafing or rubbing, Irritation from a new product, Bacterial or yeast (fungal) infection, Introduction of new foods, sensitive skin and the use of antibiotics.

Diaper rash can be painful and your baby can begin to develop fever as a result. When it begins to spread to the legs, back, genitals orabdomen or blisters begin to show, it is a sign that you need to see a doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis.

As a remedy to reduce the spread of diaper rash, you may need to avoid using diaper wipes with fragrances or even discontinue using them altogether until the rash heals. Also, you canpat the diaper area dry with a soft cloth or allow it to air dry to avoid irritating the area any further.

Parent or guardian should regularly change diapers andensure to know what brand of diaper products their baby reacts to.Do not make the diaper too tight and make sure to wash your hands once you have finished.Am sure your baby’s little buttock will thank you some day.


By: Elizabeth Owusu Kissi

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