Coronavirus vaccine Test: African Chief Curses French Doctors

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The deadly coronavirus has appeared to be a punishment for some idiot racist fools who sees Africa as dumping ground for their nefarious crimes.

One would not be surprised with the notion of some white supremacists of using Africa for negative activities.

The comment by two French doctors has incurred them the wrath of a Ghanaian chief describing it as a deliberate attempt by the whites to test their vaccines on Africans.

Dr. Camille Locht and Dr. Jean Paul Mira have both proposed that the newly manufactured vaccine by the West should be tested on Africans.

Their comments received wide range condemnations from Africans including top international African footballers calling on their fellow African governments not to dare accept such gestures from the whites.

Latest to condemn the comment by the two French doctors is the chief of Oblieman Dodoo and acting Mantse of Abola Piam of the Ga state, Nii Oyanka Anumley during an interview with in Accra on Saturday.

On his view , Africa Must come together to stop racism adding that racism is more deadlier than Coronavirus.

He noted that Africans abroad are been used like horses, insulted and used like a used condoms .

Chief of Oblieman who also Doubles as CivTek International Advisor for Ghana and Africa slammed the two French doctors for their unhealthy comments.

He cursed that “may thunder and gods and ancestors of Africa strike you racist doctors dead”.

The Civtek International Advisor for Ghana and Africa has called on all African Kings and tradition leaders to take the fight against Corona virus and racism seriously.

For him, racist comments has the potency of destroying the peace, inter cultural and multi cultural connectivity the world over.

Source: Ghanaiandemocrat

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