Confirmed: The New Force Is A Sham And AN Rxtension Of The NDC.

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Today’s criminal proceedings involving Shalimar Abbiusi at the Kaneshie District Court have confirmed that the New Force is a sham and it is an extension of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Over the past week, the New Force has come perilously close to danger because its spokesperson is undergoing criminal trial in relation to possessing a forged student permit.

In the heat of the inevitable danger that awaits the leadership of the New Force, the shambolic, desperate and lawbreaking group has desperately called on Hon. Francis Xavier-Sosu, MP, an NDC lawyer to come to the rescue of the denting image of the ugly faces behind the evil and despicable mask of the New Force.

The involvement of Hon. Sosu in the Shalimar case is not a coincidence, considering that the NDC Member of Parliament could abandon the ongoing national budgetary estimates of his parliamentary committees to attend to the ‘emergencies’ of the New Force.

Indeed, we the youth of Ghana need better leadership but we need credible, law abiding and patriotic leaders, not those who will yield our sovereignty and hard-won independence to foreign nationals.

By: Kofi Bediako Asare.

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