CICC Appoints Ga Chief As CEO For Its West Africa Office

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Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka, President of Ga Ameri Plus Company Limited and Chief of Oblieman in the Ga West Municipality has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Council of International Chamber of Commerce(CICC) for West Aftica.

The appointment was announced Mr. Besim Jashari, President and founder of CICC after Board meeting held in April,2021 in Dubai.

Mr. Besim during the announcement, commended the young Ghanaian chief for his hard work various role he played in ensuring success of the organisation throughout the world particularly in Africa.

The Council of International Chambers of Commerce has it registered headquarters at Fountain Court Hotel
Frost Lane – Hythe – Southampton SO45 3NE. United Kingdom

Nii Oyanka has also successfully secured the registration of the CICC Ghana office and preparing for the grand opening including and other offices within the African sub – region.

The CICC has been created to provide a platform of communication, interaction and business opportunities to businesses and professionals across the world.

This will be achieved using the international network of professionals involved not only in the corporate structure but also thanks to the calibre of companies in the investors and trade organizations levels of membership.

CICC has its direct links to governments through its representatives of various countries, this will also create links and connections that will benefit international projects and initiatives focused on developing infrastructure, systems and connectivity between all the member countries.

● Economic Development
● Investment Promotion
● International Trading
● Identifying and of initiation Investment
● Financial Support through our Financial Partners
● Identification of business sectors of interest with a focus on under developed
● Creation of Banking license for CICC
This will be achieved through:
● Tailored trade missions to exclusive destinations per sector of interest
● Organization of International business conferences
● International projects brought forward by members and directors
● International business rounds by sector to promote business and further
● Tailored events designed by our Board of Directors in response to specific
needs of our membership
● Creation of international headquarters that expand the network on the ground,
allowing for better connectivity between governments and institutions at public and private levels and International Reach.

The CICC will open offices initially in the following countries:
● Kosovo
● Dominican Rep
● Peru
● Dubai ● UK
● India
● Malaysia
● Saudi Arabia ● Liberia.

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