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The son of Torgbui Joseph Kusorgbor, chief of Srogbe in the Anlo Municipality of the Volta Region, Prince Kusorgbor on Sunday escaped from traditional sacrifice to be performed on him  by the royal house.

The sacrifice was part of process required by the chief to present his biological son to go through the traditional process of appeasing the gods of the land.

Torgbui Kusorgbor, a devoted Christian who believes the process was against his Christian background, rejected the request and any attempt of his son’s life could be met strongest resistance.

This did not go down well with the king makers and vowed to use all means necessary to have the chief present his son for the sacrifice to the ancestral god.

Efforts by the kingmakers to get Torgbui Kursorgbor release his son for the traditional sacrifice also proved futile.

This resulted in the beheading of Torgbui Kusorgbor at his home on Sunday and other members of the family including Prince were arrested.

Prince Kusorgbor, been the subject of controversy, was subjected to severe beatings until he became unconscious.

Upon regaining conscious, he realized the guard on duty was a good friend who assisted him to make a complain at the police station.

Though, efforts to get the police in search of justice and protection were all failed, he was offered a medical form for medical assistance.

According to our close source, the king makers have released their attack dogs to go in search of Prince Kusorgbor across the country.

It is gathered that due to the intense search by these men, Prince had to flee the country for safety.

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