Assembly Member for Warizehi to be Enskin “Tamale Dakpema Saambe Naa”

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Chief Sofwan receiving Cola from Naa Dakpema Fuseini Bawa

Mr. Alhassan Sofwan, Assembly Member for Warizehi Electoral Area in the Tamale Metropolis has received Cola from the Chief of Tamale, Naa Dakpema Fuseini Bawa to be enskined as the Tamale Dakpema Saambe Naa I (Chief of Visitors).

The Chief, Saambe Naa I is to ensure that all visitors who are poised for development and coming into Tamale are received with the utmost respect and dignity to facilitate their mission.

He is also to establish good links with visitors who come into  Tamale from all over the Globe to partner the Metropolis and support the Dakpema and Yaa-Naa Educational Endowment Funds to promote education in order to beef up the regions Human Capital in improving the living standards of the people.

Chief Dakpema Bawa at the ceremony cautioned Chief Sofwan to keep trust with visitors,  maintain the dignify name and peace of Tamale and sell out the Metropolis to the World for development opportunities.

He said, it was a big task for one to become a Chief and that it was incumbent on every chief regardless of your title to be accessible, fair, justice and accountable to his people in all dealings.

Naa Dakpema Bawa urged the Saambe Naa not to take the title and go to sleep, but to set an exemplary leadership life by leaving a legacy for the younger generation to emulate.

Chief Sofwan on his part, assured Naa Dakpema Bawa of his commitment to promote the development agenda of the Metropolis and thanked him for the confidence reposed in him.

He expressed gratitude to the people of the Metropolis and called for their support to help him execute the task on him.

Source: News Desk

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