Asogli State Council condemned Publications to exploiting Togbe Afede name

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The Asogli State Council has condemned a publications making rounds on Social Media exploiting the name of Togbe Afede XIV, President of Asogli State Council.

A statement signed by Mr. Stephen Tetteh, Secretary of the Asogli State Council said: “Within the space of one week, two stories, in which some mischievous characters tried to exploit the name of Togbe Afede XIV, President of Asogli State Council, have gone viral.

We wish to inform the general public that these publications are fake.” 

It said the first publication, titled, “Volta Chiefs Blast Opposition NDC”, with Togbe’s picture at the top, suggesting that the “chiefs and people of the Volta Region” were reported to have, among other things, “accused or blamed the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for poor or low level of development in the region over the years”.
According to the statement, the publication further reported, and we quote: “We the Chiefs and the people of the region are saying that, we are tired of voting for NDC. The propaganda in the NDC is too much. We shall change our way of voting come December 7th 2020”. 

This, the Chiefs have condemned the publication and the individuals or group of people behind that propaganda.

The statement said in the second publication, titled: “Announcement to all Voltarians from the Asogli State, his Royal highness Togbe Afede XIV”, and purported to have been issued and signed by Togbe.

It was reported, among others things, that, “We have, since 1992, supported the NDC because its (sic) was founded by one of our own, his excellency Flt Lt J J Rawlings because he is our blood, our brother, father and a renowned personality from our land”. 

The statement further stated that, “Because of him, we have supported the NDC from 1992 through thick and thin and still continue to support them even though, this loyality (sic) has not been replicated in terms of infrastructural projects, jobs and investments to our region”.

“This publication is completely false, shameless, mischievous and evil-minded by individuals and or some group of people”. 

It said: “But for the anxiety they have created among a few people, we would have treated these worthless and poorly written publications with contempt.

So, for the avoidance of doubt, we wish to emphasize that Togbe Afede has nothing to do with the two publications, which are obviously the work of shameless, mischievous and evil-minded people.” 

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