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Attack on the gays and lesbians in the country unambatted to ensure such an alien practice according to the youth will not gain grounds.

One of the victim Shaibu Aminu whose father happens to be an opinion leader of their community in Accra zongo, is on the run for his life.

An incidence over the week saw the members of his community killed his gay partner and have since been searching for him.

Ghanaiandemocrat.com visit at a scene where one Abdullahi who was a gay got shot and killed instantly and his partner Sani Shaibu the son of Shaibu Aminu in Accra zongo, an Islamic dominated settlement is on the run for his life.

It was alleged that the two were caught having affair at Sani’s shop and anti-gay / lesbians group pounced them on one of the occasions.

They were attack on the 18 May 2019 by heavy crowed, both lovers sustain serious degree of injuries but Abdullaihi was hit with a straight bullet and died shortly after the attack, Sani was able to jump from the car he was being transported with and got way with the help of one okada motorbike rider Yaw Asamoah.

The incident happen, when a large group spotted them in a clubhouse, report reaching our office indicated Sani was attacked with machetes and other various objects by the mob, but he manage to escape with some pool of blood.

In the process, Ghanaiandemocrat.com gathered that the victim’s house was set ablaze by the anti gay group and the mother could not survived while the niece, Ayisha Aminu was found to be the only surviving member of the family.

Ghanaiandemocrat.com is persuing the story to ensure culprits face the full rigors of the law.

Source: Ghanaiandemocrat.com

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